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Why am I Losing Instagram Likes?

3rd December 2023 | 8 Views

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Instagram is growing seamlessly not only for the personal use of scrolling but also in professional life to make a brand image. 

Gaining likes on Instagram is a challenging job now; millions of users daily make new accounts and post on a daily basis. It can take months or maybe years if you have rich content. 


Instagram users can use a smartphone app to edit and upload pictures and brief videos. Users can categorize their content, make it accessible to other app users, and add a caption to each post using geotags and hashtags.


When posts are tagged with hashtags or geotags and appear in followers’ Instagram feeds, they are considered public. Users can choose to keep their accounts private, limiting access to their postings to their followers.


The platform and see all those lovely little notifications informing you that your material had an impact? Of course, while it’s good to have people like your pictures, Instagram influencers who want to broaden their audience and establish themselves as authorities on the site value those tiny hearts quite a bit. One of the ways the Instagram algorithm chooses which material is distributed to a wider audience and which producers have an easier time sharing their work is through Instagram likes. Consider them ranking indicators comparable to those used by search engines to decide how to index and rank websites.

How do you naturally generate followers? 

Keeping up with the Instagram algorithm can be challenging. Even small modifications might occasionally affect the number of likes you receive on your posts. 


Are you receiving fewer likes than before? Check out our guide to learn about the potential causes of your unexpected decrease in Instagram likes. Also, some time to assist you in fixing it!


Most of the time, you won’t be aware of that because Instagram won’t alert you, for example, if you add prohibited hashtags. (In this specific instance, you may ask another user—ideally, the one not following you—to see if they can see your post with a certain hashtag in this hashtag stream.) However, you might have noticed that your account has fewer features or that your reach and interaction have decreased.

Because of this, users must familiarise themselves with Instagram’s policies and guidelines as well as keep up with any recent upgrades or modifications to the service.

Some more sniffy Reasons 

You’re selecting the incorrect hashtags.

Instagram has prohibited or restricted the use of some hashtags. For instance, a notice will be displayed for keywords associated with violence or explicit content to alert users to the presence of sensitive material. Other prohibited hashtags can include any hashtag that draws spammers, and they can be difficult to spot.

Using prohibited hashtags could result in your account being punished and lead to the following:

  • fewer likes and visibility

  • No one can locate your posts

  • a brief shadow ban


In the past, you’ve acquired Instagram followers by unnatural means.


If you aren’t shadowbanned, the next most likely reason why you’re losing followers is that you’ve used inorganic strategies like engagement groups, Instagram bots, paid giveaways, Instagram ads, or sponsored posts at some point in the past to increase your audience.


If this is the case, your loss of followers is not the result of Instagram shadowbanning you for employing these strategies; rather, the followers you attracted as a result of them are either gradually unfollowing you or are “empty” accounts that Instagram is deleting.


You need to post consistently.

For Instagram to succeed, consistency is essential. You can see a decline in likes if you don’t post frequently or take a break from publishing. This is so that Instagram can reward active and consistent contributors.


Consistency is a key that should be shown as a permanent solution to a problem. This could be one of the reasons why there is no increase in your account, or your account is facing downfall issues. 



Spend some time considering how you performed.

As you are aware, if your posts do not appear under certain hashtags or if you are unable to perform a certain action on Instagram, your account is not under a shadowban. You most likely broke one of Instagram’s rules and regulations, used a restricted hashtag, or were too active on the platform recently.


Suppose you need more likes, comments, or story views. In that case, you should analyze certain fundamental statistics as well as some more in-depth analytics to monitor the effectiveness of your Instagram account.


Although many Instagram experts claim to be able to remove a shadowban, the truth is that only Instagram is aware of how to do so. As a result, I advise against paying anyone to do so because it’s probably a fraud. I’ve only ever been able to get rid of a shadowban by getting in touch with Instagram’s customer care and contesting the report that was made against me.


How do you naturally increase followers? 


Posting regularly and being active:- once you have finalized and opened an account on YouTube, being proactive in YouTube will give you engagement. For better engagement, you need to be regular and on target. You have to focus on many sectors, and once you are done with these, you can start posting your valuable content daily. 


Find what your audience wants – views specify what your audience wants from you and your creations. Your audience should find you relatable enough, whether it’s a channel of cooking, roasting, or any other kind of video. 

Since there are a lot of merits of having a good number of views, it is not possible to mention each and every skill 


2. Investigate Your Rivals

You need to be aware of and comprehend your competition, just as you should be aware of your target market. You may receive fresh inspiration from this for the stuff you wish to produce and post on your own Instagram account. Of course, that does not imply that you imitate them. Check out their posts nonetheless, paying close attention to the material they share that engages their audience. Adapt such information to fit your personal taste. You may even discover which of their followers are the most active, start following them, and interact with them to entice them away.

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