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The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf chapter – 3

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Milyin » 482187 » The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf chapter – 3

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The sun had sunk low in the painted sky, bathing the meadow in cool orange light, as Elijah herded his flock towards home. His eyes were weary but alert, scanning the forest’s edge for any signs of movement. After the fox’s attack, he took no chances with nightfall approaching. 

Ahead, just within the tree line, shadows seemed to twitch and shift. Elijah stopped in his tracks, straining his eyes into the gathering gloom. Was it simply branches swaying in the breeze? Or was something lurking amidst the trunks, watching his flock with hunger? His heart began to pound as two glints of moonlight shone out from the dark – eyes, fixated on the sheep.

A low, rumbling growl cut through the still air. Then it emerged, all sleek muscle and rippling fur: a monstrous wolf, far larger than any Elijah had ever imagined. Terror gripped him as the beast stalked into the open, jaws slavering. With a savage howl, it charged at the flock. 

Panic-stricken bleating filled the meadow. Elijah screamed at the top of his lungs “Wolf! Help, the wolf is here!” But his voice was weak and thin compared to the predator’s ferocity. He grabbed a fallen branch and swung at the wolf to little effect, distracted from the slaughter unfolding around him. 

Several lambs were dragged screaming into the gloom, their fragile bodies no match for the wolf’s power. Elijah wept in anguish, swinging the branch until it snapped in his hands. Still the wolf feasted, seemingly intent on destroying the entire flock this very night. With a snarl, it rounded on Elijah next.

He turned and fled as fast as his legs could carry him, the wolf’s breath hot on his heels. “Help! Someone please!” Elijah yelled through tears as the village lights came into view, but still no-one emerged. Had they truly ceased believing his warnings? The wolf was surely upon him now, ready to finish what it started – 

A startled shout rang out, followed by the sound of hooves thundering across open ground. Elijah dared a glance back to see Farmer Jakob bearing down on the wolf, pitchfork raised high. With a savage lunge, he impaled the beast before it could react, flinging its lifeless body to the earth.

Gasping for breath, Elijah collapsed to his knees. Through his tears he saw the village men running towards him, faces stricken with horror. “The wolf…it’s killed…” he choked out between sobs. “I tried to stop it, but no one would come…” 

Jakob put a hand on his shoulder gently. “Peace, boy. You’ve nothing to fault yourself for. If only we’d listened when you called…” The words did little to lift Elijah’s spirits, but amidst the ruins of his flock, a growing understanding passed between shepherd and village.,

Pravin KumarLast Seen: Dec 7, 2023 @ 12:23pm 12DecUTC

Pravin Kumar



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