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The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf chapter – 1

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Milyin » 482171 » The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf chapter – 1

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The grass swayed gently in the meadow breeze. Elijah sat watching over his flock of sheep as they grazed, lost in his thoughts. At fourteen summers, he had been shepherding alone now for two years, ever since his father fell ill. It was a lonely job, with only the sheep for company across the long summer days.

Elijah let out a sigh. The meadow stretched on endlessly it seemed, with nothing but grazing animals as far as the eye could see. He wished something, anything, would happen to break the monotony. An idea sprang into his mind. What if he cried “Wolf!” and sent the nearby farmers rushing over in a panic? It would certainly liven things up for a few minutes of fun.

He cupped his hands around his mouth and bellowed “Wolf! Wolf!” at the top of his lungs with mock terror. Within moments, two burly farmers emerged from their fields in the distance, tools gripped tight as they searched around frantically. Elijah stifled a laugh behind his hand at the sight of their alarmed faces. When they spotted him laughing among the sheep, annoyance flashed in their eyes. 

“This isn’t funny boy!” yelled Jakob, the older farmer. “We’ve work to be getting on with. No time for your foolish tricks.”

Elijah’s smile faded under their stern looks. “I’m sorry sirs,” he said meekly. “I was only having a bit of fun. No harm done.”

The farmers shook their heads and grumbled as they trudged back to their work. Elijah knew he shouldn’t have lied, but the brief excitement had taken his mind off his troubles, if only for a moment. As the days passed, he continued crying false alarms, each time to more irritated responses from the villagers. They warned him his pranks must stop before real trouble came. 

Yet Elijah found it hard to sit idle when an opportunity arose. One warm afternoon, as his flock dozed under the shade of an ancient oak, temptation proved too strong once more. He cupped his hands and bellowed with exaggerated panic “Wolf! Wolf!” waiting eagerly for the farmers’ arrival. Minutes passed with no response. Elijah’s smile faded as worry crept in. Had they truly stopped believing his calls? What if this time, a real wolf did come for his flock?

His fears were put to rest when familiar shouts reached his ears. Jakob and Mikael emerged from the trees, faces flushed red with anger below their furrowed brows. “That’s quite enough boy!” boomed Jakob. “One more false cry and you’ll be getting more than an earful from us. Is that clear?” 

Elijah nodded meekly, chastened. He knew the farmers spoke truth – his foolish deeds could one day have dire consequences if not curbed. From that day forth, he remained silent guard, hoping no true dangers would befall his flock under his watch.

Pravin KumarLast Seen: Dec 7, 2023 @ 12:23pm 12DecUTC

Pravin Kumar



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