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The Golden Goose and the Bonds of Community

Pravin KumarLast Seen: Dec 7, 2023 @ 12:23pm 12DecUTC
Pravin Kumar

2nd December 2023 | 4 Views

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Chapter 1: A Fortunate Change

James tightened his coat against the cold autumn wind. He surveyed his barren fields, struggling to discern any signs of growth beneath the withered stalks. Another harvest lost to drought, and winter’s chill loomed ever closer.  

He trudged home, dreading the worry lines deepening on his wife Emma’s face. Within their small cottage, two children huddled by the fire, bones showing through pale skin. Their stores had long since run dry. 

As James prepared another meager meal of roots and weeds, a scrape of talons sounded outside. Stepping into gathering dusk, he found his lone goose sheltering in the barn. “At least you’ve enough feathers to keep warm,” he sighed.

The bird fixed beady eyes on James, then waddled forth clutching something in her beak. A egg, but like none he’d seen—smooth and golden, glowing soft in twilight’s shadows. James gasped, snatching the bounty, unsure whether to laugh or cry.

Soon all the village gathered around James’ fire, marveling at the strange gift. “Perhaps this is a sign our fortunes will turn,” said old Widow Brown, ever hopeful. But as more golden eggs came each morn, James’ smilealone held fast amid deepening lines on neighbors’ faces. 

While others tightened their belts, James’ family ate well. Emma’s color returned, the children’s cheeks filled out once more. Still James worried—what if this miracle ceased as quickly as it began? He collected each egg with care, selling them in the city to replenish dwindling stores.

Autumn slipped into the hardest winter in living memory, and the little community banded together. James joined daily in mending roofs before snow and splitting firewood till hands bled. At night by the hearth, tales wove tight the fraying threads of fellowship.

But as weeks passed in gold-lit comfort, James drifted from these gatherings. In his goose’s gift, he saw fortune enough for a man—what need had he of others’? When one night a mighty storm howled, James stayed snug and woke to find the vicar had saved old Luke from freezing. “Best thank the divine, and this village you call your own,” the man advised. James frowned, clutching his latest payment. His needs, it seemed, were met elsewhere now.

Pravin KumarLast Seen: Dec 7, 2023 @ 12:23pm 12DecUTC

Pravin Kumar



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