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Vastu tips for prosperous life

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29th November 2023 | 51 Views

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Orientation of the House: Ensure that the main entrance faces the north, east, or northeast direction. This is believed to invite positive energy into the home.

Clutter-Free Spaces: Keep your living spaces clean and organized. Decluttering is thought to promote the flow of positive energy and enhance overall well-being.

Natural Light and Ventilation: Allow ample natural light and fresh air into your home. Well-lit and well-ventilated spaces are considered conducive to positive energy.

Avoid Mirror Placement: According to Vastu, mirrors should not be placed directly opposite the bed or facing the main door, as this is believed to reflect away positive energy.

Use of Colors: Choose colors wisely. Warm colors like yellow and light shades are often recommended for living areas, while cool colors like blue and green are suggested for bedrooms.

Sacred Space: Designate a sacred space or pooja room in the northeast direction of your home. This is considered spiritually significant in Vastu.

Placement of Furniture: Arrange furniture so that it promotes free movement and allows positive energy to flow. Avoid blocking pathways or placing furniture in a way that disrupts the natural flow of energy.

Water Features: If possible, incorporate a water feature like a small fountain or aquarium in the northeast direction. Flowing water symbolizes prosperity and is believed to attract positive energy.

Placement of Electronic Devices: Keep electronic devices away from the bedroom, and if possible, avoid placing them in the northeast corner of any room. This is thought to prevent disturbances in sleep and maintain positive energy.

Healthy Plants: Place indoor plants, especially in the southeast or northwest corners. Healthy plants are believed to bring positive energy and prosperity into the home.

Remember that Vastu tips are based on traditional beliefs and practices, and their effectiveness may vary from person to person. It’s essential to adapt these tips in a way that aligns with your beliefs and lifestyle.

Saurav DasLast Seen: Apr 20, 2024 @ 10:20am 10AprUTC

Saurav Das



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