[definitive Guide] How Bloggers Make Money In 2022

[Definitive Guide] How Bloggers Make Money in 2022

Blogging is definitely a big and popular profession for quite a lot of time. Blogging has become a popular way for people to earn extra income online.

Blogging gives you the independence to write content with full freedom. Bloggers make money through advertisements, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, merchandise, exclusive content/webinars, and more.

These methods allow bloggers to make a lot of money. In this article, we will show you how to start making money by writing blogs. Like the big bloggers, you too can make a lot of money through these methods

How Bloggers Make Money

Blogging is a fascinating concept. Bloggers hold status close to professional journalists, and yet can be working with a lot of independence. They cover a lot of content, provide news, review products, provide explanations, guidance, and more. 

If you are not paying for it, you are the product

This line holds true for most bloggers. Most bloggers make an overwhelming portion of their content easily available to readers without any charges. Since bloggers don’t ask us to pay for their content, it always begs the question, “How do Bloggers Make Money”

Well, bloggers don’t need to take money from us, because in most cases we are the product. Yes, they use their audience/readers as a product.

In most cases, bloggers use advertisements, affiliate marketing, affiliate links, and more targeted consumers.

We will discuss all these methods, and help you understand how you can implement them by yourself and start earning money,

Advertisements – Best For Consistent Automated Earnings

Advertisements involve running ads in between your content. Based on your blog design, you could implement popup ads, footer ads, sidebar ads, fixed ads, and more. When your readers click these ads, you would earn revenue.

Generally, advertisements work on a CPC (Cost-Per-Click) basis. This means that bloggers will earn money when readers click on their ads. The money earned per click depends upon factors like the location, age, device, category, and more of the person who clicked your ad. 

Almost all major advertising networks provide tools to automate advertising so that you can focus on writing content, and they handle the process of finding the most profitable ads for you and placing them at strategic locations.

The most popular platform used by bloggers to make money by advertising is Google AdSense. Google AdSense has by far the largest number of advertisers available.

The major benefit of Google AdSense is Auto Ads. With Google AdSense, you get to utilize Google’s AI advancements to automatically place ads in your content at strategic locations for the most profitability.

Provides consistent income once you start having regular trafficNo control over the amount you earn per click
Allows automating your advertisement placements 
Easy to configure for beginners 

Affiliate Marketing  – Best Way For Bloggers To Make Money By Reviewing Products/Services

Affiliate marketing is similar to Advertisements, with the major difference in the parameter of earning money. Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Affiliate marketing is a great choice for making money as a blogger by reviewing products like phones, laptops, electronics, etc., or services like web hosting, banking/financial services, etc.

In affiliate marketing, bloggers earn money by becoming marketers with specific companies. Companies provide them with ad templates and marketing material, and bloggers put it on their blog. 

Till here it’s similar to conventional ads. However, the major difference is in earnings. In advertising, you get paid per ad click, but in affiliate marketing, you get paid per sale. This means that when a reader clicks AND buys a product, the blogger will earn a predefined commission.

The benefit is that most affiliate commissions are very high. Some of the good affiliate programs like Bluehost affiliate can earn you more than $50 per sale. Whereas in advertising you would be lucky to earn $1 per ad click.

High commissions – easy to earn $50+ per saleBloggers earn no money for the clicks that don’t convert into sales
A great choice for people interested in reviewing products and services 
Allows directly dealing with companies that you want to work with. 

Sponsorships – Best Way To Earn Money By Exploiting Social Media Following

Sponsorships are an underrated yet very powerful method of earning money as a blogger. You can easily earn a lot of money by writing quality content as a sponsor. Chances are you might have seen many YouTube channels post sponsored videos, the same is possible for bloggers as well.

Blogging isn’t that organized in terms of sponsorships. In fact, most big brands avoid sponsored content in form of blogs. However, once bloggers build an an audience they utilize it on other platforms to earn money.

Some bloggers earn money by posting sponsored content for their audience on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc.

If you want to earn money as a small blogger, you can try for sponsorships at local level. This could include approaching local shops, and small businesses that would be willing to get written on your blog.

Highest revenue per successful conversionRequires a lot of effort to get first few sponsorships
Excellent way to earn money through your social media following 
Bloggers may earn money by using sponsorships in complement 


This is a big one. Many bloggers become a “brand” by launching their own merchandise line. Bloggers earn money when people buy their merchandise. Moreover, this merchandise creates brand awareness and is a free marketing for the blogger.

Big YouTubers and bloggers earn money by having methods like these to effectively earn money, build a following and do marketing of their own products.

Today, starting a merchandise line isn’t difficult. In fact, you too can start a merchandise line without spending a buck. Companies like Printify and Printful allow you to create your own merchandise lineup for free. On each sale they would charge you a portion of the sale price for manufacturing and shipping costs.

Great choice for long term revenueTakes time to build consistent income
No investments or upfront costs 
Helps do marketing and generate awareness 


Exclusive Content

This is one of the most popular technique used by the top bloggers. Besides having free content for all users, they create exclusive content that requires some sort of payments. They may also promote their Ebooks or ask you join their email lists.

These methods ensure that you can enjoy their free content, but also earn money. If you are a lifestyle blog, you could easily create exclusive content for paid users. If you are covering news or fast moving topics, then ask people for their emails to access content, this way you can send them an email whenever you publish new content.

Bloggers use exclusive content to earn money, build a fan base, experiment with new ideas and features, before releasing them to the public.

Helps generate consistent incomeRequires a lot of extra effort to create high quality content for which people will pay money
Ensures audience growth and fanbase development 


How do bloggers make money in 2022?

There are many methods used by bloggers for making money. They can use advertisements, affiliate networks, sponsorships, merchandise, exclusive content and more for earning money by blogging in 2022


By now, you’d have realised that there are very easy ways to earn money as bloggers. There are plenty of ways for you to earn money by blogging.

Furthermore, you too can earn money through blogging on Milyin. Milyin is a great place to start writing content completely free and independently and earning money through advertisements, affiliate links, sponsorships, exclusive content and more. It’s a great place for new comers as well as experienced writers.

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