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This Independence Day

27th November 2023 | 3 Views

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We are celebrating 75th Independence Day this year… Yes we still ARE celebrating it… The celebration for us doesn’t end in one day.. Somewhere deep inside, we all celebrate our country every single day I feel… We crib about our government, inflation, bigger problems everyday but we also celebrate our mother land every time we pay taxes, everytime we make an effort to switch off light while leaving our room, or switch off running tap, follow traffic rules… 

This year I saw 2 years olds proudly adorning flags on their chests, I saw my parents and generation wearing white and celebrating, I saw my siblings and colleagues flaunting their music skills on all patriotic songs, I saw friends celebrating in masses and in person by just following Har Ghar Tiranga…. 

When I think of all this… I think of what did I do this year?… Then I look back at the last four months I have been struggling for our product and then I know…. 

Dear India… 

This year I gifted my patriotism to me… I have listened to your history since ancient age till freedom struggle, I listened to all the geographical features you have blessed us with, I listened to all the economic reforms and structures you have gone through, I listened to all cultural diversity you embrace… 

It is only with that one feeling of patriotism that we are still working day in and out for our product to make my future government stronger and all aspirants more capable of conquering their goals…. 

Dear India… 

This year, we gift you your stories in audio format…. This year we become part of Startup India, we become part of Atmanirbhar Bharat, we become part of your history. 

With the proudest patriotic feeling we announce the launch of our new audio platform to help all the aspirants of civil service exams… 


Listen 2 Read

Listen 2 Revise

Listen 2 Remember

Listen 2 Recollect

Listen 2 Relax

Stay tuned everyone…. 

We love you India…. And we are proud to serve you in all our capacity…. 

Aishwarya Patil



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