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Facts about ants

By now, you must have read or seen an article or a video about the biggest event on the planet, which is known as “Big Bang”, during this event, a large number of creatures that live on the earth. They disappeared and only a few of them remained, among these animals that remained on the planet, we can mention the ants, which are as old as the dinosaurs on the planet.


In general, ants are in the category of insects that do not have wings compared to other insects, and they live in groups in large colonies, and they search for food in nature or around the environment they live in. They store them to use them during the winter.


For this reason, this indicates the union of ants, although small in size, among other living creatures on the planet, which is truly a unique event. But in the rest of this article, we intend to introduce you to interesting and very important facts about ants so that you can get to know these creatures better.

1- Ants have super strong power!

Maybe after reading this short but very meaningful sentence, you thought that this sentence is not true and it is only a sense of exaggeration towards these animals. But this is completely true because these animals can carry 10 to 50 times their own weight on their shoulders!!!


For example, the Asian weaver ant can lift up to 100 times its own weight and move it on its back.


But what exactly is the reason why ants are strong?!


This is a question that can engage the mind of every user and think about this, what is the real reason for this amount of power?! It may be hard to believe, but the reason for their infinite power is their small size!!


This result was discovered by Arizona State University, and the reason is the large ratio of ants’ muscles to their body size, which is very rare among other animals!


2- Ants do not have lungs!


Due to the very small size of ants, they do not have a complex respiratory system like us humans, but instead they have their own way to solve this problem in order to survive. However, how do mochas breathe?!


The anatomy of the ants’ body is such that a number of holes have been created on their bodies, through these holes, oxygen reaches all the cells in their bodies, which allows them to move and move outside the colony. It allows the process of inhalation and exhalation in these creatures to be done through the holes in their bodies.

3- Ants do not have ears!


Unlike other creatures on the planet, ants do not have ears, and this does not mean that ants are deaf! Ants use vibrations to talk to each other, which is like a warning, so that at certain times, such as eating, working, etc., they are informed of the vibrations they emit and gather together. This organ, which can vibrate, is located under their knees.



4- The number of ants is much greater than you imagine!


The meaning of “a lot” that you see in the above line is really a lot, which is really hard for any of us to understand because the ants are the conquerors of the planet and there are a lot of them.


In a simple example, it can be said that in the world and now it is said that there are 1 million ants for every human in the world, which is really very large and uncountable, and all of them are only in They are not one point of the globe and they are scattered in all parts of the globe except the North Pole, South Pole and some lost islands, which shows the success of these creatures over other creatures throughout history.


5- Ants do agriculture!!


This truth about ants is very strange and it is the same with humans and they are the only creatures that farm like humans! Just as we humans use and breed cows, sheep, chickens, and fish to inject minerals and energy into our bodies, ants do the same with other insects.


The most common creatures that ants use are “aphids”, which are very small sucking insects. Therefore, ants keep and protect these animals and use them in necessary times, for example, to collect food during rain! This is really extraordinary and unique thing that ants have.


6- Ants have two stomachs!


Ants have two stomachs because they are a bit greedy. Their first stomach is their own and their second stomach is for other ants to eat, a process known as “trophallaxis” that allows each colony to meet each other’s needs and can be very efficient.


7- Ants can swim


The fact that ants can swim does not mean that they have the necessary tools for professional swimming like fish. But they can save their lives when they get stuck in water or water holes. They can also float on water for a long time.


Ants can simply be considered as one of the most unique and special survivors of the past thousands of years, who, in addition to keeping their breath in the water, can build a lifeboat for themselves and save their lives.


8- Ants are older than dinosaurs.


A result from the universities of Harvard and Florida showed that ants are one of the most ancient living creatures on the planet and it was said that their life is more than 130 million years, which shows that these creatures survived during the time of dinosaurs and the ice age. is.


9- Ants do not necessarily have a short life!


Ants have a short lifespan compared to humans and some of them can even live for only a few weeks. However, some ants can live for decades. These ants, which can live more than 30 years, are queen ants, which is really a strange and wonderful thing for these small creatures.

10- Some ants have amazing dimensions!


Some ants, contrary to the imagination of each of us, have large dimensions, which fortunately are not alive these days!! It is interesting to know that some of the ants whose fossils have been discovered had a length of 6 cm, which are known as “Titanomyrma”. However, this group of ants, which are more than 6 cm long, also have wings, which is very rare for this group of insects.



11- The death of the queen of ants equals the death of the colony!


The head and leader of all ants is their queen, sometimes some queens can live for more than 30 years. But when the queen of ants is lost, it is equivalent to the destruction of the colony within a few months, and the reason is that they do not replace the new queen, and replacing the queen is a rare thing because the workers can no longer reproduce. do


12- different types of ants in the world!!


Animals can create new species over time and during changes in climate and other factors. But ants have the most possible species compared to other animals. In total, ants have more than 12,000 species on the surface of the planet, which is a really amazing fact about ants that makes them different from other animals.

The End.

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