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The Golden Flower (Part 1)

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Alao DominionLast Seen: Nov 22, 2023 @ 6:45pm 18NovUTC
Alao Dominion

In the Ancient days, there was a beautiful land with peace and joy. In this land, they live in happiness and with fruitful soil to plant. But something strange happened which led to war in that, which is the Golden Flower.
The Golden Flower is a magical flower, formed through a terrifying lightening. This flower was believed to be sent from God. Because, it is used to help people and cure the sick. But due to the selfishness of people to own the Golden Flower, they fought each other, which lead to war in the land. This war was to tough and the news got to the king.
King Kristin is a good king who want peace and harmony in his kingdom. He was so angry with the news he heard, then he pronounce his guards to bring the Golden Flower to the palace. The guards obeyed and brought the Golden Flower to the palace and the Golden Flower was kept in a sacred place in the palace. After that, peace was maintained in the land.
After some weeks an old witch, secretly go into the Palace and stole  the Golden Flower, few months after the Golden Flower was stolen the king died of cancer.
The king’s son named David overthrown and become the king, he had a wife named stella. King David waited for five years with no child, so he decided to marry another wife and his wife agreed to his opinion. So, the king organized a beauty competition in the land, so that he would choose a wife. The old witch heard about this and she has always wanted to be a Royal family, so she went to the Golden Flower to ask for help. Then the Golden Flower turn her into a young beautiful lady.
On the day of the competition, every maiden was there for the competition,  the old witch was also there. Every one made their own presentation but it was the old witch the king choosed because she is the most beautiful among them all. “What’s your name” the king asked, “My name is cynthia”, the old witch answered. Then the king pronounce cinthia as his wife and the festival continued.
Seven days later, Queen cynthia got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl named Dora. The king was very happy with this, he made an huge party for the miraculous daughter given to him by God through cinthia.
Princess Dora grown up beautiful but with bad characters, she is arrogant and disrespectful, but due to the spell casted on the king by Queen cynthia, the king doesn’t feel uncomfortable with her bad characters.
One day, Queen cynthia decided show her daughter her source of power, because she is matured enough to know about the Golden Flower, by this time Dora was eight(8) years old. Princess Dora foolishly misuse the Golden Flower powers on an event occuring in the palace, the Golden Flower then glows and appear in the front of everyone but no one has the idea of where it comes from. Every body including the king and two queens was shocked and immediately it disappears and no one knows where it go.
             (Watch out for Part 2)

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Alao DominionLast Seen: Nov 22, 2023 @ 6:45pm 18NovUTC

Alao Dominion


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