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Amer VLast Seen: Nov 23, 2023 @ 3:01pm 15NovUTC
Amer V

1. Person y says:

Several things happened to me at the age of 14

It all started from a place where I felt heavy inside our house and I didn’t like to enter our house at all. When I went out of our house, I had no problem. I had become attached to my room until one night the first thing happened to me. I have a habit of clinging to the wall when I sleep. That night, when I pressed my ear to the wall, there were rhythmic beats on the wall one after the other, but I did not pay attention. The second night When I was falling asleep, someone pulled my earring, I was very scared, but again a feeling pulled me out of my room and I didn’t want to go out of my room, and I stayed awake in my room until the morning with extreme fear.

On the third night, it was as if someone was knocking hard from the opening of the cooler.

On the fourth night, I heard talking from my closet.

On the fifth night, I was beaten in Bukhari, but no matter what I told my family that these things happened to me, they didn’t believe me.

I hadn’t slept enough at night, my eyes were dark under my eyes, the house was so heavy for me that I decided to run away from home, I took all the money I had saved and had in my card under the pretext that I wanted to go to my brother’s house and To stay there, I ran away, and first I went to Tehran city, I sold the gold I had and bought a ticket. I went to Mashhad city. The same thing happened to me. I was staying at one of my friend’s house in Mashhad, but his family did not know. I woke up very violently. From the next day, I vomited everything I ate. I couldn’t swallow my food. My friend saw how I was and had to inform my family and they took me back home. When I came home, I was behaving abnormally. I was restless. I was always banging my head against the wall or biting my nails and I couldn’t eat anything. My family still didn’t believe that something unnatural had happened to me, because they didn’t believe, and finally someone suggested to my family to take me to the prayer book and when They take me away and say that the genie was inside your daughter’s body and she couldn’t eat anything, and they also summoned a client for her and wrote two strong prayers for me that I still have in my neck and arm and it still has an effect, and then I was admitted to the hospital because all the water in my body was depleted. Thank God, I am healthy now.

The end of this story.


2. Person X says:

It was the beginning of 2013, we had just arrived in Gorgan city, one day I came home from school, I changed my clothes in the room, I went to eat lunch, when I came back to the room, I saw all my things, from pillows and blankets to chairs, my clothes are all spread out in my room, nobody is home. It wasn’t, exactly two weeks later, around 12:00 midnight, I came to my room and saw that my phone screen was on. My brother was bending over and reading the message that came. I said to him, “Irfan, what are you doing, why did you pick up my phone at this time of night?” He looked until I turned on the light and saw that there was no one in the room. I stayed dry for a few minutes. I went to visit my brother and saw that he was asleep. I still think about that night and my hair stands on end.


Amer VLast Seen: Nov 23, 2023 @ 3:01pm 15NovUTC

Amer V


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