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The is about kim taehyung is biggest mafia in Korea son and jeon Jungkook is biggest business man in Korea son and when they meet what will happen.Taekook story.

Kook’s pov. 

My name is jeon Jungkook I’m 3rd in the university and I love drawing and writing music I’m 21yr old I’m  the son of the first business man in Korea jeon Namjoon my mom name jeon seokjin I really miss them I open the door of my room and I see my roommate Felix packing his bags. 

K: are you moving Felix. 

F: yes I’m moving to my boyfriend. 

K: but your boyfriend is 4rd of university. 

F: yeah and his roommate is going to be your roommate. 

K: ah ok have your fun. 

F: don’t worry he’s good guy. 

K: and who’s he?! 

F: I think you know him kim Taehyung. 

K: (°o°:)ᴼᴴᴴ ok.. 

F: bye ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ I forget he have one bad habit. 

So he’s kim Taehyung kim Taehyung is going to be my roommate the most handsome boy in the university everyone dream about him. 

After week

Kim Taehyung is my roommate now he didn’t come the if he he come back late at night and drunk so I have to take care of him I change his clothes and lay him on his bed it’s not annoying me is ok he’s so beautiful that I can’t control myself so I don’t take off his underwear and I also look away when I’m changing his clothes is so hard for me but I can’t leave him laying the cold floor drunk. 

I was sitting my chair doing project that dad give me and I’m doing my phone ring I look the who’s he’s Jimin my best friend. 

JM: hi bitch

Jk: hey don’t call me that or I’ll break your small wrists. 

JM: and I tell you many time don’t you dare call me short. 

Jk: but I didn’t say you’re short I say your hand is short… 

Jm: jungkook enough, hey tell me how’s your handsome roommate?. 

Jk: like you know he still come back drunk and I have to change his clothes. 

JM: did you do with him did you see what’s inside his underwear did you touch did he fuck you tell me everything. 

Jk: hey Jimin you’re fuck bitch I tell you many times I didn’t did things like that and I’ll not let him fuck me no way. 

Jungkook say screaming Jimin ear. 

JM: oww stop screaming on my ear you’re fuck muscles babe.

Jimin say screaming back. 

Jk: hey how dare you call me that you’re short bean. 

Screaming again

JM: ok I’m hang up and don’t call me again I’m done I’m not your bestie (*^o^)人(^o^*). 

Jk: ok me too I didn’t need you, oh I remember something hyung how’s your boyfriend. 

Jm: ah him he’s doing good he accepted me it was so hard to make him propose that he love me. 

Jk: all the best Jimin did he fuck you. 

Jm: yeah many times did you forget I tell I was his sex doll before he became my boyfriend. 

Jk: ohhh I yeah ok Jimin byye. 

Jm: bye ٩(ര̀ᴗര́)ᵇʸᵉ love you my bunny. 

Jk: I love you too my cat (=^ェ^=). 

Jimin hang up. 

Jk: what to do now after everything Jimin say my cock is hard. 

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Najax NanaLast Seen: Nov 21, 2023 @ 11:33am 11NovUTC

Najax Nana


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