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Distances apart, miles away

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Hemah SundaramurthyLast Seen: Nov 27, 2023 @ 6:45pm 18NovUTC

Walk a mile and find your heart pounding and grasping for breath. That’s how hard is separation from your loved ones. It’s endurable but still suffocating. It’s better if loved ones do not meet, if they do meet let it end in Union.

How connected is the mind to it’s body, that’s how connected you feel with your loved ones. Internet would have made a call just a tip away. Telepathy connects people’s minds.

Long distance relationships are hard to maintain because one or the other partner gives upon love. Or loses hope. You can’t love a stubborn pig. Like wise, you can’t call a grunting pig to be quiet. 

Similarly to our experiences, if a soul is stilled connected and remembered by you even in distances. Remember this, it’s hard for them to forget you and they yearn for you so deeply inside. 

Life lifts up zindigis,

A true love will brighten up your life.

Unlock the key,

And it always belongs with the empress or queen. 

Hemah SundaramurthyLast Seen: Nov 27, 2023 @ 6:45pm 18NovUTC

Hemah Sundaramurthy


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