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Hemah SundaramurthyLast Seen: Nov 27, 2023 @ 6:45pm 18NovUTC

Have you ever been someone’s inspiration? Have you done a motivational speech ever before?

Have you ever listened to a motivational video or listened to a podcast? Or you have someone as your role model and copy their actions. 

Well, if the answer is no. Pack your bags! Get ready to be motivated. When you motivate your mind, you are inspired automatically and find to get over things easily.  Ask me why? I would say, it’s the process of the mind to play with the complexity of task into minor pieces and solve them. At the end of the long run, I bet you would be yourself fascinated by the works you do by yourself.

So from today onwards, kick that book which says, I want to give up! Instead say, I want to try this til my last effort. And go for it. Try and keep trying till you get it right. You know your next step, may just turn the tables around. 

One a winner, never fear failures. A loser who fails to initiate trial and error mistakes, fails to learn and would always fail. It doesn’t mean the winners always win, it’s their talent and skill which is built, and they keep on practicing it till they see no tomorrow.

Now you see the difference in attitude puts you into two categories, with a new tagged loser or winner. Not every one can be heroes. Who says so, it’s the person to initiate the respective measures assures to serve this community as fire fighters, police , doctors, pilots and many more. 

You never know, when might be your turning point in your life. So blink your eyes, and start now, start this very second to build your initiative to make yourself ” a better you”.

Hemah SundaramurthyLast Seen: Nov 27, 2023 @ 6:45pm 18NovUTC

Hemah Sundaramurthy


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