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Baek XX Chapter 50 (English) release date

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Manhwa Baek XX Chapter 50 in English, Baek XX manhwa chapter 50 release date, Baek XX Chapter 50 release date, Baek XX webtoon new chapter, Chapter 50 release date Baek XX, read Baek XX Chapter 50 english, what is the release date of Baek XX Chapter 50; read this post till the end to know about Baek XX Chapter 50 (English) release date.

After reading Baek XX manhwa chapter 49, readers are eagerly waiting for it’s next chapter. The next chapter of this action packed Manhwa series, Baek XX – chapter 50 is scheduled to release on this Thursday, November – 23, 2023. 

When will Baek XX manhwa chapter 50 going to be release?

Baek XX Chapter 50 will be going to release on Thursday, 23 November, 2023. 

Where can I read Baek XX Chapter 50 in english?

You can read Baek XX – chapter 50 officially on Naver and the official english translation version will come later on Naver Webtoons platform. If you want to read this chapter early in english (on the release date), then you can read Baek XX – chapter 50 on platforms like, for free (But obviously it’s not official).

Baek XX Chapter – 50

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Manhwa / webtoon name: Baek XX
Alternative names: 백XX, Mr. Baek
Author: Byeongjang, Park Tae-joon Cartoon Company 
Artist: Punch Kick  
Serialization: Naver, Naver Webtoon 
Genre: Action, Drama, seinen
Rating: 9.75/10
Next chapter/ Upcoming Chapter: Chapter –  50
Release date: Thursday, November 23, 2023

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