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Huge Edge Over Others—

Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 6:49pm 18AprUTC
Sukarma Thareja

26th March 2024 | 3 Views
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Other day I was answering student’s relevant question that what are  main gifts one gets  from God those can give someone a# huge edge over others:

My  submissions were following

1. being born in a #developed country, 2. being born in a #rich family, 3, being born with good #looks.

My explanation to above listed facts were following

Let me explain why. Being born in a #developed country friends one has access to better education, health care, infrastructure, and opportunities than most people in the world. One  doesn’t have to worry about war, famine, disease, or# poverty as much as someone who lives in a less fortunate place. One also has more freedom and rights to pursue ones dreams and goals.

Being born in a rich family means one has more #resources and support to achieve ones potential. One doesn’t have to struggle to make ends meet or work hard to pay for ones education or basic needs. One can afford to travel, learn new skills, start a business, or do whatever one want. One also has more connections and influence to get ahead in ones career or society.

Being born with good looks means one has more advantages in social situations and #relationships. One is more likely to attract attention, admiration, and love from others. One is more likely to be perceived as #confident, intelligent, and #trustworthy. One also has more opportunities to benefit from your appearance, such as getting better jobs, deals, or favors.

One doesn’t choose where one is born, who ones parents are, or how one looks. One just #inherit them from ones #genes and #environment. And yet they can make a huge difference in ones life chances and opportunities.

There are other relation ship which one builds 

These relationships are to be developed with #trust , respect and honesty.Emotional #intelligence,positive attributes and trust contribute to these relationships.Unfortunately some time one shows ones worst  qualities to ones life partner.This is going to harm relationship building.Please do build #trust with your partner in marriage or relationship. In other words be willing to give as well #receive. It is necessary for both partners to feel #comfortable with the level of giving and receiving.This is best practice to build strong relationship.

Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IIT-K


Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Apr 16, 2024 @ 6:49pm 18AprUTC

Sukarma Thareja



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