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When the situation is overwhelming…

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Milyin » 473655 » When the situation is overwhelming…

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Lara is a young lady who has grown up not knowing her real parents. She stayed with her uncle’s wife and kids who have been providing her with a shelter and food. But things have not been easy for her because she was maltreated by her cousins and her uncle’s wife. 

Lara was not given access to school education. She usually stays home to do house works and sell in the woman’s shop after several hours running errands, cooking and making laundry for her cousins.

Lara had suffered some bullies and slaps. Her cousins, with no regards to her, often beat and abuse her. Lara has endured rejection, emotional and physical pains.

Hardships have turned Lara into a quiet and introvert lady who fears everyone but finds solace in quiet spaces at night. 
One fateful day, as she went to sell in the shop, customers came numerously. She mistakenly misplaced some money and lost an amount of 3500 FCFA. As she went home in the evening and was given account, the woman got angry and chased her out of the house while it was already 7pm. 
– You bring my money before you come back in this house, idiot. 
– Please ma, give me till tomorrow. It’s late ma. 
– How is that my concern ? You better go to look for my money. 

Sad and desperate, she went out in the night. Not knowing how to find that money, she decided to beg in the street stopping the people who were still out in the dark, near the shopping mall. Nobody was ready to help her and she just sat on a stone near the road, hoping that a good Samaritan would come her way. 

She started slumbering when a young guy who must be around 25years old, came closer and said: 
– Beautiful lady, what are you doing there, all alone, in the dark ? 
– (Lara lost as she heard someone referring to her as a beautiful lady, for the first time, she couldn’t reply quickly)
– Hey ! Are you okay ? Why are you sitting down here ? 
– (Sweeping the tears in her eyes) Sorry sir, I lost my aunt’s money and she sent me out to go and look for the money. 
– How much is the amount that will cause this beautiful creature to be in the street ? 
– 3500 f CFA, sir.
– Please, stand up, follow me so, I can give you the money. 

Lara followed the guy to his house, to collect the money but in her vulnerable state, she threw herself at the guy who took advantage of her.  When she later on realize what had happened, she quickly stood up and left with the money. 

The guy saying in his mind: Ahh! Giving her my money has not been in vain. I have enjoyed this one. 

Lara went home very late in the night and the door was closed so, she had to hide and sleep in the cold. 

🥺🥺Two months have passed and Lara took time to fall in love with the guy due to some other meetings they have had. But she eventually realized that she was pregnant. She hoped that the situation was going to help her to leave her uncle’s house in order to build a happy household with the father of her child. 

She went to announce the news to the guy who replied : “that thing is surely not mine. What are you even expecting me to do?
– Marry me, she pleaded. 
– I never loved you and you don’t expect me to marry someone I don’t know. This is all your fault. You threw yourself at me. So, do I look like I care ? 

He said hurtful words that made Lara to run out and find her way in the street because her uncle’s family refused to take her in. 

Lara, struggle to make a living before and even after the childbirth but she could survive thanks to some good people who lended her helping hand. Lara was able to raise her son alone despite how hard it was for her. She stood by her child and provided her with the best education she could give him, showing him love and making sure he doesn’t become an ill-behaved child. Her son has grown up into a successful gentleman who shows love and care everywhere he goes. 

Lara’s story remains a testimony that no matter how hard things turn out to be, abortion is not the best option. No matter how hard it is, throwing away a baby is not the best decision to make. 

*Getting rid of a baby is an option but surely not the right one*. 

Thank you for reading 🙏🏽😇

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Nadine OTCHOUNLast Seen: Nov 21, 2023 @ 1:29pm 13NovUTC




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