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Poetry LoverLast Seen: Nov 17, 2023 @ 12:05am 0NovUTC
Poetry Lover

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This is my own creation.

When the sun shines bright,
When the moon brightens with the dim light,
When cool blowing breeze calls for a smile,
When the dew upon the pines, decors the aisle,
You know you are blessed…
When the innocence of a child within, maintains the crux of a story,
When hug of the father conquers the glory,
When the fight over the petty is reason for a great start,
When a shot from the teacher and bulls eye through the dart,
You know you are growing…
When the bike ride in storms is a route to horizon,
When the issue of the coffee bill is a matter of fun,
When the buzzes and calls satiate,
When the ‘academics” are a generic, for some, for the term ‘hate’,
You know you rock…
When the irony strikes the consecutive door,
When the bewildered brain decides upon a core,
When the rule book gets filled by span,
When responsibility is met with by the body tan,
You know you are a fighter…
When priorities have to be defined and parameters have to be set,
When the gut shatters but aims are to be met,
When the camaraderie grows and relations stay,
When the bondages break and betrayal play,
You know it’s a challenge…
When the world seems dead by the death of our confidence,
One silver lining rejuvenates the apparent ends,
When that sudden chuckle compliments the tear,
Hope strengthens and invades fear,
You know there is a path…
When one is scratched by unethical lords and blown by winds,
When flown by water currents and the fire grinds,
When one starts himself and proceeds different,
When pals depart and an unfathomable bent,
You know you are pristine…
When unfamiliar to self and cobwebs towards rest,
Iota of trust and zilch for zest,
A known destination, an unknown path,
Tear filled heart brainy wrath,
You know you will excel…
Just be yourself and be the star,
Passion your dream and triumph the bar,
Be a deaf frog and be a thick skin,
Face a graceful failure than a slouched win,
Be the master and not a victim,
Be an anchored challenge and not the subtle rim,
Gaze into the mirror and proudly into your eye,
The journey has begun, now surpass the sky.

Poetry LoverLast Seen: Nov 17, 2023 @ 12:05am 0NovUTC

Poetry Lover


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