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How To Get A Girlfriend In 2022

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The fact that you are here means you are still single and looking for a partner or something like that. Well, I have been in a successful relationship for the past 4 years so you have come to the very right place. And yeah, am a boy so most of my opinions and experiences are inclined towards the same.

When you first think of coming into a relationship the first thing we Indian boys think is “ yaar apne ko kaise milegi; Na shakal achi na baton mai ache”.I will be telling you about these factors bit by bit.

It’s never a case that looks don’t matter. Looks do matter but not in the way we assume. Girls never reject a boy based on his looks. But based on how he represents himself. And for us to present ourselves in the best way possible we need to have confidence.

But the real question is how to develop that confidence. I will be answering that question gradually as we move forward.

Believe me, I am a very average-looking guy but still got a damn hot girl by my side. All my friends ask me how the hell did I manage to do it. The simple answer is we were friends, to begin with. Yes, every successful relationship begins with you being friends. I have seen many guys and gals proposing after they just met and they break up after a certain period. Start by being friends and then decide whether you want to be in relation with that person or not.

And for that purpose, you need to be good at communicating. If you are not good to make things speak, your chances to have a girl fall for you become really less. In front of communication skills, looks don’t even begin to count.

As I said myself that I am not good-looking at all but got a pretty hot girl as my girlfriend. And the reason for that is my ability to converse without a hitch. I too was pretty shy and reluctant to speak to girls and then I decided to do something about it.

The very first thing I did was swallow my fear and shyness went to a girl and started talking. Said hello, and asked her if she was expecting someone, and then picked up the conversation slowly and slowly. If you want you can practice the same method. The moment you have done this for the first time you have already overcome your fear/shyness. And then when you start having confidence in yourself start picking girls with a nice pickup line. But remember don’t use pick-up lines if you are not confident enough, it can easily backfire. 

And now you have got some confidence in your communication skills now develop some confidence as a whole. Like I said looks do matter but in the way we assume. You don’t need to have a muscular sexy body or some fine jawline. What you need is confidence in your overall attire. Get a good haircut, pick an appealing set of clothes and you will automatically start to feel a little confident. And next in line is your body structure. You don’t need to join and spend 2-3 hours in a gym regularly. What you need to do is to maintain a healthy schedule daily. Exercise for like half or one hour daily and it will boost your confidence pretty quickly. If you have resources and time then you are free to go hit the gym. The more you maintain your physical health, the more you will feel confident, and the more wardrobe options will open before you. See all the things get connected automatically. 

And now a bonus trick, never seem too desperate to a girl, if she’s ignoring you means she already has someone other in her mind. The moment you show how desperate you are to have a girl by your side, you will lose your way to many more girls in that circle. Yes, girls do discuss all that and once one girl has a bad impression of you, nearly all other girls will share the same opinion.

(If any girl is reading this and got offended, I am sorry but this is what my experience says after talking to many other girls.)

So, let us sum it all up:

Improve communication, and get some nice pickup lines.

Dress according to the occasion and venue. If you have a problem picking up a nice outfit, here are some Instagram pages link that will help you to decide. I too follow these accounts and they help a lot.

And the last, don’t ever make a bad impression on a girl. It’s the worst mistake you would want to make.

I hope that now you know everything that you need to know before proposing to a girl and yes, pick a nice location and time too. That’s a hell of important too.

Best of luck!!

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