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Ivan Maximus EdwinLast Seen: Nov 29, 2023 @ 6:29pm 18NovUTC
Ivan Maximus Edwin

Problems of life, they come and they go,

With every sunrise, a new burden to sow.

They strike our hearts and cloud our mind,

Leaving us searching for answers to find.

In this journey we tread, the path unknown,

We carry our baggage, heavy as stone.

The weight of our worries, they hold us down,

Turning our smiles into a permanent frown.

The first problem we face is that of time,

It slips through our fingers, a trickster so prime.

We chase its elusive hands, desperate to hold,

But it disappears, leaving us feeling cold.

Then there’s the problem of love and desire,

A burning flame that can set us on fire.

It consumes us whole, leaving us yearning,

For a love so deep, aching but never returning.

Ah, the problem of purpose, it haunts our soul,

Leaving us questioning our ultimate goal.

We search for meaning, a reason to be,

In an existence that often feels empty.

Lastly, the problem of pain and despair,

A darkness that lurks, a burden we bear.

It breaks us apart, tears at our seams,

Leaving us lost in a sea of shattered dreams.

But within these problems lies a hidden grace,

A lesson to learn, a challenge to embrace.

For through the struggles, we discover our might,

And rise above the darkness, basking in light.

So let us not fear these problems of life,

For they are our teachers, guiding us through strife.

In their wake, we find strength and resilience,

And realize the beauty of human brilliance.

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Ivan Edwin Pen Name–Maximus…

Ivan Maximus EdwinLast Seen: Nov 29, 2023 @ 6:29pm 18NovUTC

Ivan Maximus Edwin


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