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8 BEST Ways to Write Articles and Earn Money in India (2023)

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In this Creation, we’ll show you the best way to earn money by writing articles in India. Thanks to various new platforms, you can quickly write articles and make money without significant investment. Writing in India’s never been a better time to earn money.

Our team has compiled a list of some of the best platforms. We evaluated these platforms based on earning potential, writing freedom, and more.

You can earn a consistent income even if you have less experience. Our guide will walk you through making money by writing online as an inexperienced writer. Keep reaching the end to see our Conclusion with expert recommendations for your needs.

Editor’s Pick

We recommend choosing Milyin as the best platform to write articles and make money in India. Generous earning schemes and robust writing tools make it ideal for all Indians. You can start earning with Milyin from Day 1 and withdraw earnings whenever possible. Get Started or Learn How It Works

Earn Money By Writing Articles in India

Platforms to Earn Money By Writing ArticlesCostPotential to Earn Money By WritingFreedom of Creating ArticlesEase of Writing Link
👍 MilyinFree Very High Very GoodVery GoodLearn More 
Medium Free Very High Moderate Very GoodLearn More 
WordPress Free ModerateVery GoodGoodLearn More$29/MonthlyVery HighGoodVery GoodLearn More
Amazon KDPFree Very High Very GoodGoodLearn More 

1) Milyin

Milyin is the best writing platform for Indians to create content with freedom and earning money easily.

Milyin is a new yet compelling method of earning money by writing articles in India that allows you to write articles and make money in India with substantial growth possibilities for new and experienced writers.

With Milyin, you can start earning from Day 1. You can register for free and start writing on your chosen topic. Milyin would run ads on your content. You will be paid up to Rs. 15 per ad click on your content. The clicks should come from genuine views; spam-clicking your Creations won’t result in earnings.

New writers can quickly earn up to Rs. 10,000 per month by writing on Milyin. It’s a great place to learn writing, interact with others, and become a better writer overall. Besides, Milyin provides tools to use Amazon Affiliate, Google AdSense, and other ad networks in your content. 



  • Reports: Milyin also provides live reports to see your revenue and content statistics and graphs to understand trends, analyze performance, and improve your content.
  • Control: You have complete control over your content, wherein you can control the type of ads shown and their frequency. This control is absent from almost all other platforms.
  • Writers: It simultaneously suits the requirements of experienced and inexperienced writers.
  • Editing: Provides various tools to create, manage, edit, and improve your content. Add media, tables, lists, grids, and containers, and embed social media posts.
Monetization Tools provide unmatched control over advertisements.No Android/iOS app is available
Huge earning potential from Day 1 
Allows Interacting with other writers on the platform 


Why is Milyin the best platform to earn money by writing articles in India?

Milyin allows you to write as much content as possible on any topic. Their tools let you start earning from Day 1. With Milyin, you can make a decent income as a new/inexperienced writer.


Medium is the best choice for experienced writers who want to build an audience on a repurable platform.

Medium provides an easy-to-use interface with many options to create content according to your needs. It is a great place to become a popular and well-known writer. You get to know and understand your audience with detailed analytics and user behavior. If you don’t like Medium, you can try one of the Medium Alternatives with similar functionality and tools for your needs.

You can easily earn money by writing online on Medium. Medium pays writers based on how much time members spend reading your work and whenever you convert non-paying readers into members. Medium is free to join for writers, opening the doors to a vast audience eager for quality content. You would have to produce quality content before you are eligible to earn consistently.



  • Self-Publishing: Self-publishing allows Creators to have their site, thus, giving them complete control of their content. With self-publishing, you can create the content of your choice. 
  • App: Robust native app for Android and iOS and a beautifully designed web app ensure an ideal writing experience on all devices.
  • Reputation: Medium is a great place to build a reputation and become a famous writer by leveraging its vast pre-existing user base.
The vast potential audience for your contentNew writers find it hard to grow in Medium
Simple to use, clean, and easy User Interface that allows easy content creation 
Straightforward and easy-to-understand monetization policies 


3) WordPress

WordPress is best for those who want complete control of their content and implement use cases like merchandise, memberships, subscriptions, sponsorships, etc.

With the help of platforms like WordPress and Blogger, you can easily create your site with complete control. Self-publishing involves creating your setup to write content and earn money by writing in India.

You can start self-publishing by starting writing on a WordPress blog. You can create professional blogs with modern tools, addons, SEO Plugins, and themes without spending a dime. It allows you to easily earn money by writing online using these tools. Once you grow, you can quickly scale up to an entire site by spending money on a domain and hosting for WordPress. 



  • Freedom: Complete freedom to create content in the way you want with no restrictions or limitations over the quality, length, genre, or niche of your content.
  • Flexibility: Various plugins, themes, and page builders allow you to create custom, unique designs for your blog.
  • Scalability: Your new blog would not only be good for earning money by writing online, but also it will allow you to expand further in the form of merchandise and apparel once you become famous.
  • Independence: It allows writers to have their site, thus, giving them complete control of their content. With self-publishing, you can create the content of your choice. 
Very easy to get startedIt requires a bit of effort to build an audience and viewership
Can be scaled up to an utterly Independent Website 
Allows being repurposed for building email lists, selling ebooks, or creating merchandise 


4) is the best for enjoying a feature-rich content creation experience provides users with various options, such as adding or removing UI elements, removing branding, and customizing their content according to their needs. provides an intuitive, easy user interface that allows quick, efficient, and hassle-free content creation. You can easily earn money by writing for Ghost’s writing tools simplify the writing process and assist you in creating more content quickly. requires no coding language, and you can start generating revenue from day one. Their variety of monetization tools is built to help you earn money by writing.


  • Earning Potential: Ghost offers a variety of methods to generate revenue. You can enjoy high earnings from its supported monetization tools.
  • Customizable Writing: An utterly customizable UI allows you to design your content how you want to meet the demand of your niche and match your personal preferences.
  • Interface: It allows you to create content easily through its clean, easy-to-use, and intuitive user interface
  • Scale: They allow for creating content at scale and thus are a perfect choice for creating a lot of content.
One of the most beginner-friendly, easy-to-use platforms for earning money by writingCosts $29 per month
Allows for using multiple methods to monetize your content and earn money 
Advanced tools assist you in writing work. 


5) Amazon KDP

Amazon KDP is best for long-form content writing at scale and earning money by publishing ebooks online

Amazon KDP is an underrated method of earning money without much effort. Today, short-form ebooks are favored more than ever before. Even Ebooks of 15-20 pages can sell very well. You can easily earn money by writing an ebook and publishing it on Amazon. With Amazon KDP, you will earn a consistent and regular income for all writeups for the long term.

Amazon KDP allows you to sell your Ebooks in 13 international book markets, giving you a massive audience to target. With Amazon KDP, you can earn money from writing ebooks in your favorite genre and target any audience.

Amazon Kdp


  • You are earning Potential: Great choice to make money by writing online for the long term (5+ years), as you can write once and enjoy benefits for many years.
  • Content: It allows you to improve your content with time and boost sales gradually, along with gaining experience and popularity.
  • About The Author: Provides you with a dedicated About The Author page, improving your trust and credibility as a writer for your audience.
  • High Returns: It costs nothing to publish an Ebook on platforms like Amazon. You can easily earn consistent income forever if you write a good ebook.
By far the largest marketplace for selling written contentRequires upfront effort and hard work of a couple of days
It gives you complete freedom to select pricing, run deals, or even provide limited free copies 
Helps you you get exposure to an international audience and user base. 


6) HubPages

HubPages is best for earning money by writing in groups and discussions online

You can write articles and earn money in India by monetizing through Google AdSense and Amazon Affiliate ads. Your income will depend on some predefined factors. The income-earning potential on HubPages is immense. Furthermore, HubPages is an excellent choice for quickly creating unique content with various topics.

HubPages can be a great place to show your creativity or share recipes, notes, and more; You can also ask thought-provoking questions on HubSpace to engage with the audience and earn revenue. It is available on Android, iOS, and the web and is free to join.



  • Discussions: Excellent content and meetings can be helpful for you to become a better writer as well as build an engaging audience.
  • Beginner Friendly: This method to earn money by writing articles in India requires the least effort (and time) to start earning revenue.
  • Creative Ideas: You participate in discussions and write your unique perspectives, thoughts, and opinions. If you have a lot of creative ideas and thoughts, you can easily earn a lot of money from them.
Allows earning money through minor writeups and simple discussionsNot a great choice if you are a professional, experienced writer
Easily make money as a new writer with 0 experience 
Easy-to-use interface allows for a consistent writing experience on all devices. 


7) ProBlogger 

ProBlogger is best for finding freelancing opportunities for making money by writing articles in India.

To be versatile and confident in writing quality content at scale, you must try freelancing. There are many ways to find your first client easily. First and foremost, by writing, you must be sure of what niche you want to target to mean money.

After that, you must visit ProBlogger’s job board to find the right job. With freelancing, you can learn, explore and improve as a writer. You can easily find high-paying writing jobs on job boards like ProBlogger. ProBlogger is an ideal place to find jobs that let you write articles and earn money in India.



  • Writing: As an inexperienced writer, You can quickly make Rs. 1 per word. Earning money by writing for other companies is pretty straightforward. There are many online portals and job boards to find the right fit for you.
  • Experience: Gives enormous exposure and can be helpful if you seek a full-time job as a professional writer.
It provides you the capability to search a wide range of jobsIt requires a bit of effort initially to get a client
Allows you to earn money by writing for multiple assignments/clients in parallel 
Higher earning potential for inexperienced/beginner writers 


8) Magazine

Magazines are best for becoming a better writer by gaining experience as writer in variety of magazines.

You can write articles and earn money in India as a freelance writer by consistently writing content for various magazines. Magazines are a great way to make money by writing content. Some excellent magazines can quickly pay you $500 (Rs. 35000) per article.

You need to know your core niches for which you have the knowledge and can write quality content. A little research can yield a couple of quality magazines looking for writers. I recommend trying to have an exciting and engaging tone when you write for magazines.

Magazines often have stringent guidelines. Please read, understand, and follow all their policies to ensure their satisfaction. If you get an excellent magazine to write for, you can easily earn money by writing articles in magazines. It is among the popular choices to earn money by writing poems in India.


  • Options: Indians with sufficient knowledge can easily find potential magazine clients online. There are a wide variety of magazines for you to choose from.
  • Experience: It has enormous potential to help writers earn money online. Magazines allow for gaining a lot of experience and making well. 
Highest earning potential per assignmentRequires high expertise in a genre of your choice to be selected by the magazines
Allows you to target your favorite niche/audience 
Requires no upfront investment/effort 

How to write articles and earn money in India

You can easily earn money by writing on some of the best content writing platforms on the Internet. You could become a content writer at Milyin, Medium, or If you want consistent income, you should look for writing in magazines or getting a job from ProBlogger. If you want to go solo, you should become an independent publisher with WordPress. 


Conclusion – Earn Money By Writing Articles in India

We’ve shown you some of the best platforms for Indians to create articles and earn money as a writer. Some were ideal for beginners, while others were geared towards experience. To help you narrow down your choices, we have created this Conclusion.

Best forWriting Platform
Earning PotentialMilyin
Writing EbooksAmazon KDP
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