How To Make Money By Writing Short Stories In 2022

5 BEST Ways To Make Money By Writing Short Stories in 2023

You may love writing short stories, but pursuing your passion for writing them without making money is hard. That’s why we have got for you the complete guide on writing short stories for money in 2023.

Getting paid to write short stories with complete freedom is a dream for every new short story writer. But, here’s the good news. More unique platforms are now capable of helping you show your creativity with complete freedom and still earn your living.

Quality work must always be rewarded. As a writer, I understand the struggles of a writer in earning money. For 4 years, I struggled to earn even a buck, but now I make a decent living because of many techniques and a few new platforms I discovered. I will share all of it with you. If short story writing isn’t your taste, then you can look into earning money through poetry.

How To Make Money By Writing Short Stories?

We chose our best places to make money with short stories based on freedom, ease of creation, and money-making capabilities.

Our guides will help you choose the right platform for your needs. So, without further ado, let’s see the best places to earn money by writing short stories.


Milyin is a content creation platform for creating many forms of content, including long-form blogs, stories, poems, and personal thoughts/opinions.

It’s a great place to get paid to write short stories and find like-minded people who will enjoy viewing your content. Furthermore, you get lucrative payments for your content. They run ads on your content. The good news is that the ads are configurable, allowing you to choose the frequency, type of ads, and more. They will pay you $0.1 per ad click on your content.

Milyin is the perfect place to make money with stories, thanks to its advanced tools that make the work of writing easy, along with its simple and effective monetization scheme. New writers with no experience can start earning on Milyin right from Day 1.

Milyin – Key Stats

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Monetization Potential: Excellent

Freedom: Excellent

Audience: Very Good


Medium is a well-established place for writers to create content in various forms. It’s a popular website for creating content. That’s why it’s a great place to make money writing short stories.

The medium doesn’t have upfront payments. You would have to work and become a consistent writer before becoming illegible for costs. But, once you are ready for it, you can quickly start earning a high and consistent income.

Medium is one of the few places where you can feel respected and appreciated as a writer and gain popularity and recognition without restrictions.

Medium — Key Stats

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Monetization Potential: Very Good

Freedom: Excellent

Audience: Excellent



Submittable is an excellent platform for creative individuals to create great content in various forms, including short stories.

One of the best features of Submittable is financial and monetary incentives like grants, fellowships, writing contests, and various other financial incentives for quality content.

It’s a great place to get discovered by magazines and journals and gain recognition.

Submittable — Key Stats

Ease of Writing: Very Good

Monetization Potential: Excellent

Freedom: Very Good

Audience: Excellent


The Sun Magazine

Sun Magazine is a high monetization potential website for content writing in the form of short stories. You can easily make money with short stories using Sun Magazine.

They take stories and content with a word count of fewer than 7,000 words and can quickly pay $2,000 for each published story. It is an ideal platform for writing short stories for money.

They value high-quality content, and if you write quality stories, your content will likely get approved and get you good earnings and recognition.

The Sun Magazine — Key Stats

Ease of Writing: Good

Monetization Potential: Excellent

Freedom: Good

Audience: Very Good


Self Publishing

It’s not a platform. It’s an idea.

As a writer, you can do proper justice to your work and still earn money by writing short stories if you start publishing on your own.

This could start with buying your domain, creating your website, and publishing content with complete freedom. This will be a long-term game, wherein you would need a lot of time investment, but you would get entire space and infinite money-earning potential.

Today, creating a self-publishing website is more accessible thanks to advancements in free content management systems like WordPress. You can register on this platform to try writing short stories for money.

Self Publishing — Key Stats

Ease of Writing: Bad

Monetization Potential: Excellent

Freedom: Excellent

Audience: Good

Tips to Make Money With Short Stories

On your journey to make money with short stories, it’s essential to have genuinely excellent and high-quality content. This is because, as a story writer, your success would depend largely upon how well you create your content.

That’s why we have gathered the best tips to make money with short stories:

Writing and Grammer

Yes. Even if you are an experienced short story writer, you could still make numerous grammar mistakes that could go unnoticed. For a reader, it reduces your respect and credibility. 

Writing a story with proper punctuation, grammar, and writing skills is always recommended. Tools like Grammarly and Quillbot can be crucial for improving your content.

After that, you should proofread your content for plagiarism, and I can’t understate the value of rereading your content at least twice. You would always find mistakes, get better words or help give a better explanation in your content.

Create Plot

Unlike conventional story books, writing short stories has a significant disadvantage of lack of retention. To make money with short stories, you must quickly create users’ interest.

Of course, elaborating on the story and showing your creativity are essential. But, always ensure that your audience understands your story’s topic and plot within the first couple of paragraphs. Otherwise, they won’t read your story till the end.

Write For Yourself

Unlike conventional writing, when you try to earn money by writing short stories, you must always try to ensure that the readers get to know about you.

Every once in a while, you must write content about yourself. Even better, when I write short-form content, I try to write about myself in the form of “About The Author” at the end. This helps me gain popularity and help gain fame.

If you have genuinely good stories, people would be interested in knowing about you, so it’s not cheap marketing but rather thoughtful content writing.

Moreover, at the end of all your short stories, you should mention your other short stories and possibly include a link for a few of them.


Can you get paid to write short stories?

Yes, the power of the internet allows you to make money by writing short stories quickly. There are many new platforms where you can earn money by writing stories. These platforms will enable you to find your audience, gain recognition, and grow your content while still making money.

Some of the best platforms to earn money by writing short stories:

How to make money by writing short stories?

You can easily make money by writing short stories, as there are many places to monetize your content. As a creative writer, your quality content deserves to be adequately rewarded. For this, many new sites can help you write short stories. 

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