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Window To Nature’s Embrace

8th November 2023 | 1 Views

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I gaze out of

The dusty, tint-less window

And mused in space

While the shadows talked

Then, I see

A school of leaves, playing

Quivering with the wind

On a cloudy cover

Oh! The lovely scent

Of the nameless, yellow bloom

The dancing colors of it

Filled my hearts cup

The shadows, still chattering

With utter nonsense

The senseless minds of them

Filled with fear of the future

Beholding of the unknown

I want to escape

This colorless walls

Masking my freedom

From them

Only the nature understands me

Like leaves talk to me while dancing

Like the sun shines it’s rays on my palm

Like the wind splashes me with a gush of hope

At the end of the day

I embrace the nature

Yet without grasping it

As there is a window between us


Om Pathak



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