Black Friday Laptop Deals 2023

15 BEST Black Friday Laptop Deals (2023) | Save $500+


The best Black Friday laptop deals include Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro, HP 14, and Acer Aspire 5. The new M3 MacBook Pro is also massively discounted. Furthermore, the Black Friday laptop sale made Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro get the best discounts. Many budget-friendly options like Acer Aspire 5 and ROG Strix G16 are also available.

I have used my experience of all these years to find out the best deals one can get in every category ranging from a budget-friendly to a premium laptop or a student laptop to a gaming laptop. In my research for Black Friday laptop deals, I curated some of the best laptops for you to buy on Amazon.

Editor’s Pick

The Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro is the best Block Friday laptop deal. This laptop features one of the best processors with an affordable price tag. One can get it by paying equal payments monthly for a year instead of paying in one go.

Best Black Friday Laptop Deals

Black Friday LaptopProcessor RAM DiscountPrice Link 
Samsung Galaxy Book 3 ProIntel Core i5 1340P16GB32%$1124.99Buy Now
Asus ROG Strix G16Intel Core i7 13650HX16GB21%$1530.77Buy Now
Acer Aspire 3AMD Ryzen 3 7320U8GB24%$249.99Buy Now
Lenovo LOQ 15AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS32GB6%$1299.99Buy Now
Asus TUF A17AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS16GB20%$1199.99Buy Now

1) Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro (Save $425)

Samsung Galaxy Book 3 Pro is the best business laptop at a stellar discount packed with 13th Gen Intel Core i5 processor

Galaxy Book 3 Pro at huge discounts becomes a steal for business owners because of its ultra-light design and fast charging capabilities. It is an EVO-certified laptop, making it ideal for rigorous use. Windows 11 Pro combined with a 14” AMOLED display at such lower prices can easily attract anyone. 

This black Friday sale laptop offers ports like HDMI, headphone jack, etc., to connect various devices. The user unleashes the true potential of this device when paired with Samsung’s Galaxy ecosystem, as it makes the transfer of information seamless. This laptop offers expandable storage of up to 2TB, making it more attractive at this price.

Users can pay equal monthly payments for a year instead of paying it in one go with 0% interest.Large touchpad hinders work efficiency.
As a Black Friday deal you get this laptop with a  return period of 30 days. 
There are many software one can combine with the laptop at slashed prices at the time of buying. 
Eye care display limits blue light entering one’s eyes, enabling longer work sessions. 
This laptop offers an HD webcam that helps in quality video conferencing 
Name Processor RAMStorageScreen Size Price Link


13th Gen Intel Core i516GB512GB SSD14”$1024.99Buy Now
👍NP944XFG-KC1US13th Gen Intel Core i716GB1TB SSD14”$1124.99Buy Now
NP964XFG-KC1US13th Gen Intel Core i732GB1TB SSD16”$1224.99Buy Now

Colors Available: Beige, Graphite

2) ASUS ROG Strix G16 (Save $300)

ASUS ROG Strix G16 is the best gaming laptop offering such hefty discounts packed with NIVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphic card

ROG Strix G16 offers LPDDR5 RAM at lower prices, making this laptop a paradise for gamers. Wifi 6E connectivity enables gamers to sharpen their skills anywhere in the world. ASUS offers ROG intelligent cooling technology that enhances one’s gaming experience. The Nebula display aiding in a seamless gaming experience makes this a stellar deal for hardcore gamers.

Occasional gamers can also consider this black Friday laptop deal as it provides MUX Switch function that enables direct CPU communication with the display, giving a smooth viewing experience to the user. These powerful features packed in a single device at this price make this a lifetime deal.

Pros Cons
One can choose 0% interest financing with equal monthly payments using an Amazon Store Card.The weight of this device hinders its portability.
Users can return the device till 31st January 2024.Battery does not last long making it difficult to use for a day without recharging.
PCIe SSD enables 15x faster transmission through various nodes. 
The RGB customization attracts users, especially teenagers. 
The keyboard is specifically designed for gamers. 
NameProcessorRAMStorage (PCIe SSD)PriceLink
👍G614JV-AS73Intel Core i716GB512GB$1099.99Buy Now
G614JV-ES94Intel Core i916GB1TB$1775.95Buy Now

3) Acer Aspire 3 (Save $80)

Acer Aspire 3 is the best laptop packed with AMD Radeon Graphics for one looking for basic tasks.

Aspire 3 offers an AMD Ryzen processor at a very affordable price that is adequate for daily tasks. This laptop has AMD Ryzen graphics, enhancing its graphics quality. The LPDDR5 RAM is rare at this price, making it an amazing Black Friday deals on laptops.

Also, it has WiFi6 connectivity which helps the seamless transfer of information from anywhere in the world. Acer offers this laptop’s temporal noise reduction technology that filters out extra noises during online webinars or meetings. The full HD display at such lower prices makes this one of the best 

Users can pay with cash for this laptop.Due to its slow processor, the laptop lags a bit when various tabs are opened simultaneously.
Software combinations with the laptop are also on heavy discounts. 
The light design enhances its portability. 
With an increased fan surface area, it remains cool after prolonged work sessions. 
The return period of three months is a lucrative offer. 
An 11-hour battery life is enough to take one throughout a day’s work. 
Name ProcessorStoragePriceLink
👍A315-24P-R7VHAMD Ryzen 3128GB$249.99Buy Now
A315-24PT-R08ZAMD Ryzen 3256GB$489Buy Now
A314-23P-R3QAAMD Ryzen 5512GB$349.99Buy Now

4) Lenovo LOQ 15 (Save $180)

Lenovo LOQ 15 is the best laptop for casual gamers that offers AMD Ryzen 7 processor ideal for playing games.

LOQ 15 offers an AMD Ryzen 7 processor that gives enough power for gaming and other work-related tasks. The G Sync feature, which provides a seamless game broadcast, is sporadic at lower prices. It also has wifi 6 connectivity, which is necessary for gamers; the fast transferring rate of DDR6 RAM makes this an unbelievable deal for many. 

A backlit keyboard helps in smoother and faster typing and also helps in gaming controls. This device is also packed with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphic card; at this price tag, it is a dream come true for a gaming enthusiast, and among the best Black Friday gaming laptop deals.

Pros Cons
Amazon offers a $100 off coupon with this laptop as a Black Friday discount.It becomes difficult to take this laptop anywhere because of its heavy weight.
The narrow bezel provides a smoother gaming experience to the user. 
A $60 Gift Card is also available as a Black Friday deal. 
The user is offered both interest-free and interest-included payment options for the device. 
Its cooling technology makes the laptop more cooler without creating much noise. 
The build quality enables rough and tough use of this device. 
Name RAMStorage (PCIe SSD)Price Link
👍Lenovo LOQ 1532GB1TB$1299.99Buy Now
Lenovo LOQ 1516GB1TB$1299.99Buy Now
Lenovo LOQ 1564GB2TB$1429.99Buy Now

5) ASUS TUF A17 (Save $300)

ASUS TUF A17 is the best budget friendly laptop with smoother graphics because of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphic card.

ASUS TUF A17 comes with an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, which is very rare at affordable prices. This processor delivers enough power to play games and do some basic stuff. The GeForce RTX 4060 graphic card enables a smoother gaming experience for the user.

This device offers LPDDR5 RAM, which enables faster data transfer than DDR4 RAM. The MUX Switch at this price is what a gamer desires as it allows for seamless communication with CPU and display. In short, this deal is worth one’s every penny.

This is the lowest price for this device in the last 30 days.The battery life is not adequate to power one throughout the day.
It comes with military-grade toughness, enabling rough and tough use.The weight of the laptop is a major problem.
The unique cooling technology keeps it cool even when the user is playing heavy games. 
Both interest-free and interest-included payment options are available on the laptop. 
The graphic quality of this laptop is top-notch. 

Key Specifications:

Model: FA707NV-ES74
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7735HS
Storage: 1TB SSD
Screen Size: 17.3”
Price: $1199.99
Link: Buy Now

6) HP 14” (Lowest Price in 30 Days)

HP 14” Ultra Light Laptop is specifically designed for students’ needs packed with Intel Core N4120 processor.

HP offers Intel UHD graphics with this device for a smooth viewing experience. Also, its Intel Core N4120 processor delivers adequate power to perform everyday tasks by students. This processing power also offers a hefty discount on the device. As a Black Friday discount, you can get this laptop at a great value for money, with it reaching its lowest price in the last 30 days.

The user also gets a year of Microsoft Office 365 free. HP has also included an HDMI cable with this laptop. These different accessories at such reasonable prices make it a lucrative deal for any student. This device also has various ports like HDMI, USB-C, headphone jack, etc, to connect multiple peripherals. So many features packed in a single machine are the best for students.

Consumers can choose a 5% off coupon and get extra savings.More extended usage of the laptop puts strain on one’s eyes.
HD webcam makes it ideal for students during online classes. 
Various payment options ease users’ pockets. 
This laptop also comes with 1 year of Office 365 free. 
Front-firing speaker placement improves the sound quality of the device. 
Narrow bezels improve the viewing experience of the user. 
👍HP 14” Ultra Light Laptop16GB192GB$310.99Buy Now
HP 14” Ultra Light Laptop16GB128GB$319.99Buy Now
HP 14” Ultra Light Laptop4GB128GB$235.99Buy Now
HP 14” Ultra Light Laptop8GB128GB$279.99Buy Now
HP 14” Ultra Light Laptop8GB192GB$279.99Buy Now

7) Apple MacBook Pro M3 (Save $525)

Apple MacBook Pro M3 is the best luxury laptop one can have offering hefty discounts with very high performance.

MacBook Pro has a powerful M3 system on chip, boosting its performance from its predecessors. At such a price, it is the best for someone looking to enter creative fields like design or video editing. The liquid retina display helps you have longer working sessions without much eye strain. As a newly launched MacBook, it has a $500 discount on all models due to the Black Friday Apple laptop sale.

This laptop has an 18-hour battery life, which is unbelievable at this price tag. MacBook works to its full potential when syncing with other Apple devices. The touch ID aids in faster locking and unlocking of this device. This device’s features, combined with its price, can make anyone run for his money.

One can purchase the product with 48 equal monthly payments with a 10-36% interest rate.It takes time for the user to get the gist of Mac OS.
Consumers can also buy a variant of MacBook with three years of Apple Care+ 
The device can be returned till 15th January 2024. 
The six-speaker sound system with spatial audio delivers crisp and rich sound. 
A studio-quality three-array microphone is very useful during online classes. 
The Backlit Keyboard allows the user to write even in dim light. 
Name RAMStoragePriceLink
Apple MacBook Pro18GB512GB SSD$1849Buy Now
Apple MacBook Pro18GB1TB SSD$2249Buy Now
Apple MacBook Pro8GB512GB SSD$1449Buy Now
👍Apple MacBook Pro8GB1TB SSD$1649Buy Now

8) Acer Aspire 5 (Save $90)

Acer Aspire 5 is best cost effective laptop that provides high performance Core i7 with 16GB RAM at low budget.

Acer Aspire 5 is among the best Black Friday laptop deals for those looking for a great bang for the buck. I loved its aluminum outer casing, which gives the computer a slim and sleek look. Moreover, one can only dream of a backlit keyboard at this price offered by Acer in this laptop. You are provided with ports like USB-C, USB 3.2, and HDMI for connecting peripherals.

This low-cost laptop comes with powerful Intel Iris graphics for high performance. Intel Iris Xe is ideal for use cases like image and video editing. The RAM can be expandable up to 24GB to match your future needs, which I consider more than enough for most student needs.

Consumer gets a hefty 16% off making it extremely affordable.A single microphone does not deliver a crisp sound
The user gets both interest-free and interest-included payment options. 
The elevated hinge design aids in smooth and comfortable typing. 
Multiple cooling modes keep the device more excellent than expected. 
Provides wifi 6 connectivity for faster network performance. 

Key Specifications:

Model: A515-56-702V
Processor: 11th Gen Intel Core i7
Storage: 512GB
Screen Size: 15.6”
Price: $549.99
Link: Buy Now

9) HP Chromebook x360 (Save $79)

HP Chromebook x360 is the best chromebook one can ask for at such lower prices with really great value for money for students.

Chromebook x360 is 2 in 1 laptop which serves the purpose of both a laptop and a tablet. So you get the functionalities of two devices at the price of one. It operates on Chrom OS, which is more straightforward than other operating systems. It also improves work efficiency if you use additional apps by Google, which are free.

The backlit keyboard with a metal body at this price is a perfect combo for those who love classy looks at affordable prices. You also get a TiTac 32GB SD card without paying anything additional. I feel this is the best device one can invest in during his/her foundational years. You should definitely choose this laptop with black Friday deals.

The anti-glare feature prevents strain on your eyes.The laptop lags if I open up various tabs at once.
One can get $60 off using Amazon Visa. 
The fingerprint reader helps in faster locking and unlocking of the device. 
A consumer also gets an option to pay 18  equal monthly payments on interest. 
You get a variety of ports in this device. 

Key Specifications:

Model: HP Chromebook x360
Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i3
Storage: 128GB
Screen Size: 14”
Price: $399
Link: Buy Now

10) Lenovo Yoga 7i (Save $100)

Lenovo Yoga 7i is the best convertible laptop loaded with Intel Core i5 processor at such heavy discounts.

Lenovo  Yoga 7i is a 2-in-1 laptop performing both as a laptop and a tablet, allowing you to choose its configuration according to your comfort. This feature attracts users because you have to pay the price of only one device, but you get two. 2.2K multitouch screen gives one a feel of a tablet.

The Intel Iris Xe graphics are the best to invest money to sharpen your editing skills. Also, the LPDDR5 RAM takes the performance of this device to the next level, and at this price, it seems unbelievable. This black Friday 2023 laptop deal offers a backlit keyboard that allows the user to type comfortably even in dim light.

The user gets both an interest-free and interest-included payment option for the laptop.Stylus is not included with the laptop.
The backlit keyboard aids in comfortable typing even in dim light. 
A fingerprint reader saves a lot of time for the user in locking and unlocking the device. 
Wifi 6 connectivity allows for seamless transfer of information. 
Name ProcessorScreen SizeStoragePriceLink
👍Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U14”512GB SSD$680.52Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U14”1TB SSD$759.95Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U14”2TB SSD$799.95Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U14”256GB SSD$719.99Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1240P16”512GB SSD$740Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1240P16”1TB SSD$839.99 Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1240P16”2TB SSD$865.55Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1240P16”256GB SSD$690Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U16”512GB SSD$698.99Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U16”1TB SSD$729.99Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U16”2TB SSD$799.95Buy Now
Lenovo Yoga 7iIntel Core i5 1335U16”256GB SSD$649.99Buy Now

11) MSI Thin GF63 (Save $200)

MSI Thin GF63 is the best discounted laptop packed with 12th Gen Intel Core i7 processor boosting its performance.

MSI GF63 comes with NVIDIA RTX 4050 graphic suite making it ideal for gaming and editing purposes. A hefty 20% discount is very lucrative for anyone who desires power with an aesthetically pleasing body. Also, Amazon claims that this laptop has very few returns compared to other devices.

Cooler Boost 5 always keeps your device cool while playing games. It offers 20 hours of battery life which is very rare to see in a gaming laptop with this high performance. This laptop is equipped with NVIDIA Max-Q suite for your seamless gaming sessions and is among the best black Friday gaming laptop discounts.

Pros Cons
Interest-free and interest-included monthly installments are available on this device.Its bulky design hinders portability.
The laptop comes with a return period of around 3 months. 
It also comes with NVIDIA Reflex to minimize latency. 
This laptop has a resizable bar which improves performance in many games. 

Key Specifications:

Model: 12VE-066US
Processor: 12th Gen Intel Core i7
Storage: 512GB
Screen Size: 15.6”
Price: $799.99
Link: Buy Now

12) Apple M2 MacBook Air 2023 (Save $300)

Apple MacBook Air is the best budget MacBook with power packed features and unmatched performance with M2 chip

MacBook Air comes with an M2 system on a chip that boosts its performance through the roof. It is a steal deal for all MacBook lovers with a huge 16% black Friday laptop discount. The icing on the cake is that one gets Apple Care+ for three years at this price.

This thin, light laptop uplifts one’s fashion statement with its aluminum body. The liquid retina display limits stain on your eyes thus permitting you to work longer on the laptop. The 18 hours of battery life combined with a wide variety of ports help users in every task. 

Pros Cons
Apple offers global repair coverage with its products.The user takes time to get the gist of Mac OS.
The consumer gets both interest-free and interest-included modes of payment. 
One of the best laptops for people working in creative fields. 
The mail-in repair feature attracts users to this laptop. 
Touch ID aids in faster locking and unlocking of the device. 
👍MacBook Air 8GB256GB SSD$1238Buy Now
MacBook Air16GB256GB SSD$1438.99Buy Now
MacBook Air 8GB512GB SSD$1438Buy Now
MacBook Air 16GB512GB SSD$1638Buy Now
MacBook Air 16GB1TB SSD$1838Buy Now

13) Dell Inspiron 16 5635 (Save $275)

Dell Inspiron 16 is the best laptop that cater to evryone’s needs with AMD Ryzen 7 processor delivering a powerful performance.

Black Friday dell laptop sales include increase offers on Inspiron 16. It offers AMD Radeon graphics for a smoother media experience and editing works. This deal provides users with one year of premium support. The 16-inch screen is apt for viewing any media. Built-in dual microphones deliver enriched audio to listeners.

The Dolby Atmos spatial audio makes an immersive environment. At this price, it is a hot deal according to me. This laptop reduces blue light emissions with TUV-certified solutions. A wide variety of ports enables users to connect many peripherals.

PCIe SSDs are faster than traditional SSDs.Users will miss a number pad on this laptop.
The FHD webcam is important during video conferences. 
Consumers can return the laptop till 31st January 2024. 
This laptop provides both interest-free and interest-included payment options. 

Key Specifications:

Model: Dell Inspiron 16 5635
Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 7730U
Storage: 1TB
Screen Size: 16”
Price: $724.99
Link: Buy Now

14) ASUS Chromebook Plus CX34 (Save $40)

ASUS Chromebook Plus CX34 is the best chromebook for students in foundational classes with Intel Core i3 processor.

The Chromebook Plus CX34 operates on Chrome OS which is best for students helping them to perform various tasks seamlessly. At this price, this laptop comes with AI-powered Google features. The Wi-Fi 6 connectivity enables connectivity anywhere in the world. Bluetooth 5 allows users to share information faster and with less latency. 10 hours of battery life is enough to perform basic tasks.

User has the option for both equal biweekly and weekly payments with interest-free and interest-included modes respectively.Not adequate processing power for editing tasks.
The consumer can also pay equal amounts for a year at 0 interest. 
The anti-glare display allows users to have longer sessions of work on the device. 

Key Specifications:

Model: CX3402CBA-DH386-WH
Processor: Intel Core i3
Storage: 256GB 
Screen Size: 14”
Price: $399.99
Link: Buy Now

15) ACEMAGIC Laptop (Save $840)

ACEMAGIC Laptop is the best discounted laptop available during the black friday sale on Amazon with discounts of over $840.

ACEMAGIC Laptop is packed with a powerful Intel Core N95 processor to take the user throughout a day of work. The metal body allows rough and tough usage of the device. A thin bezel provides a seamless viewing experience.

The Bluetooth 5 provides an easy and stable connection with various devices. It also comes with a heavy discount of 72%. The lay-flat design makes sharing content easy with friends. The SSD is expandable up to 2 TB, making it one of the best laptops with Black Friday discounts.

The user gets both interest-free and interest-included payment options.This deal is exclusive to prime users.
One also gets an additional coupon of 3% off. 
The consumer gets a lifetime of technical support with the device. 

Key Specifications:

Model: AX15
Processor: Intel Core N95
Storage: 512GB 
Screen Size: 15.6”
Price: $359.99
Link: Buy Now

Honorable Mentions – Laptops with Black Friday Discount

Apart from the laptops already mentioned, here are some honorable mentions you can consider under Black Friday deals. These laptops also have reasonable discounts, so we considered mentioning them

Gigabyte G5KF

Gigabyte G5KF is one of the best black Friday laptops with impressive discounts. It offers a modern Intel Core i5 12th Generation. The large 15.6 inch screen is ideal for media consumption, and working. You can get this laptop starting at just $840. Buy Now

HP Pavillion Plus

HP Pavillion is among the best laptops with i7 13th gen that offers impressive Black Friday deals. The 1 TB SSD and more than  16 GB RAM are ideal for almost all use cases. It is available with impressive discounts, returns, and warranty options. It starts at $1074.99. Buy Now


Is Black Friday a good day to buy a laptop?

Black Friday sales usually start a week before Black Friday, and the products undergo heavy discounts. So, I believe this is the best time to buy something expensive like a laptop. But one has to be careful while purchasing as many scammers also try to scam you. So, always buy from a trusted source and go through customer reviews of that laptop.


How to find the best deal for laptops on black Friday?

I have listed a few things to keep in mind in your pursuit of the best deal:

Step 1) Jot down all the main features you want in your laptop

Step 2) Don’t directly jump into the deals section; properly surf the marketplace and find the best laptop that perfectly suits your work.

Step 3) Try to find if you can get some good alternatives for that device at a cheaper price.

Step 4) Always review customer reviews of that particular device to prevent scammers from scamming you.

Step 5) The above article guides you to the best laptop in each category.

Step 6) Be quick, as laptops go out of stock quickly.


Does Apple MacBook go on sale during Black Friday?

All laptops, including Apple MacBooks, go on sale during the Black Friday sale. But one has to pick their desired MacBook configuration quickly as they go out of stock. Instead, I suggest you choose your favorable configuration before the sale starts and, at the time of the deal, directly buy the product instead of wasting your time finding the best design.


The Verdict

We have discussed various deals one would get during the Black Friday sale on laptops. I have covered the best deals for each category, ranging from budget-friendly to a premium laptop or a laptop for daily tasks to a gaming laptop. But to buy a laptop during the Black Friday sale, one has to be aware of what feature they want in the desired laptop. One should also look out for scammers out there looking for their prey. Here is a concise version listing the best features of each laptop to aid the consumer.

Best steal dealAcer Aspire 3
Best deal overallSamsung Galaxy Book Pro 3
Best deal on gaming laptopASUS ROG Strix G16

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