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The Missed Train

7th November 2023 | 3 Views

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I sat, at the station,
Waiting patiently for
That train, destined for me
Which would take me
To the place I belong 
Many trains come by
As the time went by
I still waited and waited 
For that one train to come by
As the wind played with time
As the birds screeched the voiceless chimes
I still waited,
For that train to come by
Suddenly, I heard it
The train in charm 
It shone like a star
In the gleam-less night sky
It came to the station
Waiting for me to hop on
But the drunk adult in my heart
Pulled me back 
I contemplated and argued with it
But until then, the train had gone

I sat there, on the ground 

Thinking it would come back

But unfortunately, it didn’t;

And it is now gone

Disappeared in black

Now, many trains come by

And I sit and cry;

As the cupid in me, died

But I still wait

For that train to come by

Om Pathak



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