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Adjoined by setting sky .

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Adyagni_Durgapriya (Kabyashree K Bharadwaj)Last Seen: Nov 6, 2023 @ 4:43pm 16NovUTC

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The beauty of the setting sky 
where the homecoming birds fly
near the rivers of beauty site
at the times when diyas light .

Rising phenom of beautiful moon
describing that sun is setting soon
henceforth he is coming soon
bringing the times when
nocturnals do roam
that's the time when sea
never shows their foam .

Turning the hotter beauty 
into peaceful and cool
with the fragrance of
flowers the in night bloom
bringing a smile on face
which was a sadful gloom .

The world in night will soon
shine with glee
but the dangerous people
in that time flee
good ones at the time
when bends their knee
wanting for a world
that is crime free
and some fragrance of serenity.
Adyagni_Durgapriya (Kabyashree K Bharadwaj)Last Seen: Nov 6, 2023 @ 4:43pm 16NovUTC

Adyagni_Durgapriya (Kabyashree K Bharadwaj)


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