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C.J. Romero

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As of October 2023, Statista estimates that 4.95 billion people use social media. That’s about 59.5% of the world’s population. Social media has gained popularity since the pandemic started. As a result, it became part of modern life, with billions of people using it for different purposes.

Social media platforms are websites or apps where people can create, share, and see content. They can also chat with others and find information. Moreover, these features pave the way for business owners to grow and connect with many people across the globe.

Yet, certain businesses struggle to navigate social media when using it for marketing. In addition, their investments didn’t bring in much money, there was no interaction, and they wasted resources on marketing that didn’t work. Their method doesn’t work to interest the right people. While they try to reinvent new plans, they still provide bad results and fail to accommodate their struggles.

Businesses use social media to get new leads, keep existing clients happy, and raise brand awareness. If planned, it can have the most impact on the growth of the business. When using social media marketing, remember these four important factors. First, build a presence on social media sites. Second, talk to the people who follow you. Third, use specific ads and collaborate with influencers. Fourth, track your progress. The plan for your business will be better if you understand these things. Besides, it can provide a systematic approach to improving your business plan.

This article explains four important parts of a successful social media marketing plan. Stay ahead of your competitors by using what you learn here to improve your plan.

1. Build a presence on social media sites.

  • Pick the appropriate social media sites and interact with them there. For instance, if your business wants to connect with millennials, focus on Instagram and TikTok.

  • Make your brand’s image consistent at all times. Your brand’s style, tone, and image must be the same so that people will remember and trust your company.

  • Gain a lot of followers. Your audience should be able to find interesting material to spark engagement. Also, you can work with other companies and influential people to reach larger audiences.

2. Talk to your viewers.

  • Answer messages and comments. Take their wants and opinions into account. It shows that you want to hear your viewers and care about their thoughts.

  • Make content that interests people. Keep people interested in your brand by making content that is useful, interesting, and fun. Blog posts, movies, pictures, and infographics can all be part of it.

  • Start a movement on social media by initiating contests, giveaways, and votes to get more people to share your brand.

3. Use specific ads and collaborate with influencers.

  • Make personalized ads that reach specific groups of people based on their demographics, hobbies, and behaviors. Yet, there are choices that businesses can use to make sure interested people can see the ads.

  • Influencer marketing means working with well-known people on social media to get the word out about your business. People with many followers can help businesses reach new customers and gain their trust.

4. Track your progress.

  • Keep an eye on the social media data. Gather data like likes, shares, comments, followers, reach, and engagement to keep track of how well your plan is working. Also, businesses can learn more about their customers’ habits and interests using these measures.

  •  Improve your plans based on the information. Based on the number of likes, shares, comments, friends, views, and interactions, you can make your marketing plan better. Hence, post more content that did well or try to reach a different group of people to get better results.


The wide popularity of social media paves the way for businesses to reach many prospective customers across the world. There are an estimated 4.95 billion users, or almost 59.5% of the global population, according to Statista.

People who run businesses should think about social media as an excellent tool. They can have the edge by making more people aware of their brands, keeping them, and earning from them.

However, not all businesses are successful with social media marketing. So, they experienced struggles, including a low return on investment (ROI), a lack of engagement, and lots of wasted resources on ineffective marketing.

To avoid the risk of these difficulties, businesses should have a systematic approach to dealing with social media marketing. Building a social media presence, connecting with your followers, using specific ads collaborating with influencers, and tracking your progress can help you grasp your success in social media marketing.

Have you learned something from the article? Please leave a comment below. It will be my great pleasure to hear from you. Thank you!

Credits: Number of worldwide social network users 2027 | Statista


C.J. RomeroLast Seen: Nov 30, 2023 @ 7:22am 7NovUTC

C.J. Romero


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