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Monsters hunting sect chapter 2

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The monster was so scary that it almost made lu yao scream , 
Lu Yan felt all the hairs on her body stand, due to how scared she felt.

The monster skin looks like peeled skin, long nails, more like long claws and big sharp fangs, dark eyes with no white part in it, and long ears .

“Fu*k , what is that thing, it’s so fu*king creepy” said Lu Yao with a scared face, asking the pale faced man. 

” Oooh, that’s the monster that I have told you about , and here I thought you said you were going to thrash them to hell ” said the pale faced man, with no emotion on his face looking at lu yao. 

“Fu*k no way, i’m not that ready to die, and why didn’t you tell me earlier that the monsters are real and this scary too ” said lu yao with a high pitched voice, as she can remember the pain of her last death. 

” Because I thought you were strong enough to kill the monsters, run, stupid girl ” said the pale looking man running toward a certain way toward a certain area in which stand one big house ,while lu yan kept running behind her. 

” Run toward the house as long as you manage to enter, you will be safe ” said the pale looking man. 

” What ? where are you going ?” asked lu yao, while looking at the pale faced man as if he was crazy 

” It’s my time to go and rest ” said the pale faced man expressionlessly. 

‘ Rest?, what does this ghost face trying to say again, does this man have a way to leave without worry ? ‘ thought lu yan as she kept on running. 

” Then take me with you, ” said lu yao in a hurry without caring how the man can take her away .

” I can’t ,so, good bye ” said the white faced man. 

“What ? what do you mean yo….. ” said lu yao but then suddenly she saw the white faced man disappear in thin air leaving him alone. 

‘ Fu*k is that man a ghost or what ? damn it which world did i even transmigrated to ?’ thought Lu Yao kept on running forward .

Damn, my limbs are so weak and I’m so tired, but if I dare stop now then I will become the monster’s dinner for sure ‘ thought lu yao without stopping. 

Lu Yao ran as fast as she could but too bad the monster was also running toward her at a fast speed .

As Lu Yao kept on running she couldn’t help but curse her poor fate.

If only i got the memories of the previous owner, i would have known how serious the matter of demons are, and if i were to reincarnate few hours earlier i would have never entered this hell hole, and i would have rather ran as far away from the sect as i could ‘ thought lu yan. 

Why didn’t I listen to this ghost face and walk as fast as I could and wouldn’t have been in this mess right now. 
I can’t die again, after I have just awakened from death itself a few minutes ago , so I must do everything to live. The white faced ghost man said as long as I manage to enter the house in front , I will be safe, so I must get there as fast as I can.

Biba OMARILast Seen: Nov 14, 2023 @ 1:50pm 13NovUTC



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