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Monsters hunting sect chapter 1

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A girl named Lu Yao opened her eyes and found herself standing in an unfamiliar place, and from a far. she could still see the yellow color in the sky fading slowly, which meant it was already dawn . 

I’m sure as hell that i died in the car accident then where I’m i now? don’t tell me i have transmigrated ‘ thought the girl as she started looking around. 

” What are you doing standing there ?, it’s dangerous at this time to be outside, let’s hurry to the school ground ” said a pale looking man. 

” Ooh oka…y ” said Lu Yao and started to follow the man .

Who is this man again? It seems like I have no memories of the previous owner of the body and I have no idea where I am .

The man was walking in a hurry, while Lu Yao was walking normally, while thinking about where she was, which made the pale looking man turn his head and glare hard at Lu Yao. 

“Little girl, why are you walking so slowly ? And you know it’s already dawn, didn’t your parents ever tell you there are monsters in dawn ” said the pale looking man with anger in his voice. 

What is this ghost face trying to scare here? Does he think I’m a baby or what ? monster ? huhh what a joke’ thought Lu Yao as she look back at the white faced man. 

” Hhuuh who are you trying to scare here ?, do i look like a two years old girl, and let me tell you this aunt is not scared of monster, let those monster come and lets see if i don’t thrash then to hell with my bare hands ” said Lu Yao with a smirk on her face.

” AAAAH so you are not scared ? your so courageous for a first year student ” asked the white faced man 

” Not at all this aunt is not scared at all, ” said Lu Yao, smirking .

Huh, how can this aunt be scared of those imaginary stuff that are used to scare children ? you should try more than that to scare this aunt here ‘ thought Lu Yao looking at the white faced man. 

The pale man had an astonished look on his face, in his whole ghost life he had never met such a first year student who was never scared of monsters. 

Many students who dare register in the sect, only register before dawn and they lock themselves in their assigned dormitories until sunrise , cause they were too scared of the monsters, no first year student ever dared to stay outside after dawn .

Where did this young girl got the courage, wasn’t she the one telling me that we should hurry and stop walking like snails, because she was scared of getting eaten by monsters? What’s wrong with her now ?’ thought the pale man curiously. 

Huh do you think it is easy to scare this aunt with your bull shits? try again ‘ thought lu yao with a smirk .

Then suddenly before she could think more, she heard a loud inhuman roar behind her, which made her turn around quietly .

And when she turned around she managed to see a tall beast like a human, standing 80 or 90 meters away from her. 

Biba OMARILast Seen: Nov 14, 2023 @ 1:50pm 13NovUTC



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