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Shahrukh Khan Is Going for the 3rd Mega Hit of 2023: ‘DUNKI’ DROP 1

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hunter singhLast Seen: Dec 2, 2023 @ 8:07am 8DecUTC
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Shahrukh Khan is an iconic personality in the Indian cinema industry He is beloved for his range as an actor and his magnetic presence. The year 2023 has been noteworthy for the Bollywood superstar as he is set to grace the silver screen in not one, but three movies.

After two of his Mega hits in 2023- “Pathaan” and “Jawan”. His third Movie Dunki is all set to be released in the last month of the year.


Yesterday RED CHILLIES released the first drop of the movie on its official YouTube channel. Which reveals more of the details about the Movie. Drop 1 is supposed to be a kind of mini trailer of the movie.

Drop 1 shows a glimpse of Shahrukh Khan’s cute look from the movie, as well as other actors’ introductions.

Dunki Cast

The cast of “Dunki” has a variety of outstanding actors. The main actors are:

  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Taapsee Pannu
  • Vicky Kaushal
  • Satish Shah
  • Boman Irani
  • Jeremy Wheeler as Judge
  • Chris Kaye as Police Captain
  • Attila Árpa as Manager
  • Dia Mirza

Crew and Production

Written by
Rajkumar Hirani, Abhijat Joshi, Kanika Dhillon
Directed by
Rajkumar Hirani
Edited by
Rajkumar Hirani
C. K. Muraleedharan
Music by
Production companies
Red Chillies Entertainment, Rajkumar Hirani, Films Jio Studios
Distributed by
Pen Marudhar Entertainment (North India), Yash Raj Films (Overseas)
Release dates
21 December 2023 (Overseas) 22 December 2023 (India)

Dunki Meaning

Dunki means Donkey.

Shahrukh Khan was honored at the Red Sea International Film Festival, where he revealed his Movie Dunki. He said,

“In English, my film would be called Donkey, it is Donkey. But the way a part of the country pronounces donkey in India, it is ‘Dunki’. The Punjabis say it (donkey) like dunki…”


How did Shahrukh come up with the Punjabi Community?

Let’s figure it out!

‘Donkey’ doesn’t refer to the animal here.

Donkey Means “Donkey route“.

A term used by the traffickers for the people who illegally migrate into Western countries like USA, Canada, UK, etc.

Those from countries like India, travel thousands of miles for months illegally, hiding from everyone’s eyes to reach their destination. The transport could be anything, from goods trucks to cargo ships and sometimes on foot.

Officials claim that the number of people, migrating illegally from India to other Western countries has increased significantly in past decades.

It has emerged as a huge problem for the governments of these countries.

The Punjab Connection

In India, the people from the Punjab region are seen to be mostly involved in this. A disproportionate number of its citizens opt to travel the Donkey Route for a better future.

This is why Shahrukh mentioned that In the Punjabi language, we call the donkey Dunki, and so is the movie’s name.

Dunki Movie Scene
Dunki Movie Scene

Dunki Plot

The trailer has not been released by the production yet but the confirmation of the Premise of the movie by Red Chilies Entertainment has been confirmed. it says that

“Based on the concept of “Donkey Flight”, an unlawful backdoor entry technique, Dunki lightheartedly depicts a few Indians who find themselves using this process.”

Read this here on Wikipedia

Shahrukh added that “it is a big journey film, and it goes through different areas around the world and finally comes back home to India.”

The actual movie is going to be revealed on 22 Dec. People are also looking super excited to watch the movie. And from people’s excitement, we could say that this is going to be the third banger of the year by Shahrukh Khan.

Dunki is Based on which movie?

Well, Dunki is not the first movie based on illegal migration. Before this, a Punjabi movie featuring Ammy Virk titled “Aaja Mexico Chaliye” was also based on almost the same plot.

But we clearly anticipate more from this movie because big respected names like Shahrukh Khan and Rajkumar Hirani are in it.


The fact that people are choosing illegal and harsh ways to migrate to Western countries is true. It has become the business for traffickers now. You can just simply search the “Donkey route” on Google and you will see numerous news articles about illegal migration.

These are serious concerns, and films about these topics need to be produced and supported as well.

hunter singhLast Seen: Dec 2, 2023 @ 8:07am 8DecUTC

hunter singh


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