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Freeduhm TeamLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 8:37am 8NovUTC
Freeduhm Team

Information Technology is ruling almost every aspect of life these days. The growing use of IT in every sphere – whether education, networking, planning, or engineering – makes it natural that it is also used in health and medicine. In alternative medicine, IT is increasingly being used with splendid results. Yoga, Hypnosis, Herbal Medicine, Biofeedback, and Acupuncture are some treatment approaches that fall under Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). These do not consist of drug prescriptions. Read how IT benefits alternative medicine, medical professionals, and patients. 

Data Storage

The massive amount of data generated concerning patients and types of medical approaches used on an individualized basis have to be stored properly. Computers make work much easier, and data storage is more convenient with cloud-based storage systems. Data is stored permanently and can be retrieved from the internet with any device – tablet, PC, or smartphone. Important reference books, medical documents, research papers, medical journals, and diagnosis papers can be stored electronically. 

Data Access

Data access has become a lot easier with computers and the internet. Online videos of acupuncture, acupressure, preparation of homeopathic medicines, and magnet therapies are easily available and can be downloaded for future reference. It has cut geographical boundaries and made such information available for medical professionals and the common people curious about alternative medicine practices. Online journals consisting of scientific medical research and experiments can be queried and retrieved very easily. 

Guidance And Remote Treatment

With Information Technology, remote treatment is easier than ever. Even areas located miles away from alternative treatment centers can be served with guidance and recommendations provided online by alternative medicine specialists. Whether it comes to Chinese medicine, Yoga therapies, acupuncture, naturopathy, or Ayurveda, advice and guidance provided over the web can be useful. With computers and the internet, faster networking and communication are possible, and the medical community can discuss complex problems within minutes. 

Diagnosis Of Disorders

In some cases, detection is impossible by simply considering the symptoms, family history, and medical history of patients. Diagnosis is easier with the help of computer software, which can assist in examining the various internal organs. The delicate organs such as kidneys, liver, and lungs can be examined with state-of-the-art computer-based systems. In the rare cases where complex surgeries are required, computers can be used. Various surgical and monitoring devices used in hospitals and clinics often use computer programming.

Tracking Of information

Billing information and prescriptions can be tracked easily with computers. Data about medicines prescribed to patients can be stored efficiently, and at any point in time, physicians can find out about the medication and treatment plan for any specific patient. Patient records can be maintained more easily with Information Technology, and doctors can easily access the medical history of patients as well as family history, disorders already diagnosed, physical progress, and more.

Freeduhm TeamLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 8:37am 8NovUTC

Freeduhm Team


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