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4 Types Of Technologies In Social Media

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Freeduhm TeamLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 8:37am 8NovUTC
Freeduhm Team

Social media is a part of everyday life, and websites like Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), Pinterest, and Instagram rule the internet. However, technologies in social media are not the same anymore and are constantly evolving to provide users with a varied and more unique experience each time they log into their accounts. In the past few years, we witnessed the advent and rise of live social streaming, and apps like Meerkat and Periscope dominated the market. This 2023 and beyond, it is poised to see the coming of more unique technologies.

1. Virtual Reality

When Facebook acquired virtual reality company Oculus in March 2014 for a couple of billion, its functionality allowed users to share complete adventures and experiences with their friends online. With 360 videos already coming and rolling out on News Feeds, users can get the opportunity to enjoy scenes from varied angles when they look down, up, left, or right on both laptops and smartphones. The experience is going to be much more immersive in the coming years. 

2. Social Shopping

Although this technology in social media has been there for some time, it did not catch on until 2015, when all the major social giants – Facebook, X (Formerly Twitter), Pinterest, and Instagram – released their cutting-edge in-line buy buttons that let users buy everything from gadgets to clothes without needing to leave their feeds. The trend is catching on, and most users have mentioned that their purchase decisions are directly impacted by posts from their friends. The e-commerce feature has been long added by social channels in countries like Korea and China, although it was newly launched in Western countries several years ago.  

3. Live Streaming

It was unveiled in 2015 and is set to grow more prominent in years to come. Live streaming has gone mainstream with Facebook Live. The new generation of live streaming apps is helping users broadcast live videos to their followers. With its mobile streaming functionality. It lets users share live videos instantly with the FB platform.

4. Advanced Customer Service

Facebook came out with highly improved customer service functionality in 2015, and they developed a beta version of a chat-based platform known as Messenger Business at that time, which lets companies engage in personal and real-time conversations with consumers. There are over 1 billion users of Messenger at present, and it can easily be understood that this technology in social media will get more acclaim and widespread use in the years to come.

Freeduhm TeamLast Seen: Nov 12, 2023 @ 8:37am 8NovUTC

Freeduhm Team


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