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Here is why Education will never make you RICH!!

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Kirran AshwinLast Seen: Nov 17, 2023 @ 7:20pm 19NovUTC
Kirran Ashwin

It is ridiculous if someone who believes that money is the ultimate goal of life, studies hard to earn money. Education is not the best way to redeem money. Business is the best way to redeem money. They must study the art of trade thoroughly.

So why to study? Many great industrialists have risen from the bottom through hard work. They are Uneducated people. But they educate their children at Harvard and Oxford. Because money management requires education. Only a few can rise from the bottom. Those who have ascended need education if they want to stay there.

Education determines quality of life. Illiterate rich and educated rich are two different classes. The uneducated can never enter the world of the educated — even if they have many times more wealth than educated. They suffer for that. If wealth is to become useful, it needs education. Fashionable behavior, cultural interest, high quality entertainment habits, social space are all created when wealth is combined with education.

Well, what is the best way to ‘gain stability’, education or business? It is better to look at it from the outside than to approach it based on personal experiences. What are the ways of those who persist in life today? Study, through which you get a job is one way. The second way is to learn a trade and make a living doing it. (There is another way to win by engaging in both crime and politics. Today there is no politics without crime.)

Among these the success rate is very high in the way of study. There is not much room for coincidences and bad luck in the way of study. There is a certainty in that. There is often a net return for the labor invested in it.

Business is not like that. The success rate among those who engage in it is very low. Look directly at people involved in industry and business. It has very tough competition. Just look around. Consider how many shops and restaurants keep closing in a year.

Industry- Problems in business are unknown to outsiders. The salary earners keep thinking that business is very easy, that money will pour in and they can get away with it. Many people who have worked with me who took voluntary retirement put that amount into the business and made huge losses. The reasons are many.


Investment in businesses is the tested way to become rich. A few winners do the trick. Here though you need to wait till you find the right stock. Investing in infrastructure and diversity is time tested. Always Invest in What You Understand.

Kirran AshwinLast Seen: Nov 17, 2023 @ 7:20pm 19NovUTC

Kirran Ashwin


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