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The divine particles

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30th October 2023 | 6 Views
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God’s creation is so suprasensible

in the sense that there would have not been our existence if the phases of redox reaction akin to life is balanced.

Who do we experience deja vu?

Why do we see things so differently in our sleep?

They seem to envision us 

antiparallel to reality 

encircled by respective predestinations

Between the past and the future.

Why do we sometimes feel like, 

we’ve ever been dead before?

And why do we sometimes feel like,

life is a repetition of itself?

Is life conscious or unconscious?

Life is just an auric cycle with no endpoint 

congealed and concealed 

within a holy triquetra;

Aleph, Mem and Schin.

The divine particles.

The end of life 

relative to a purely hypothetical loop

is the beginning of another.


Phenomenal Giftson AsunluyaLast Seen: Mar 10, 2024 @ 11:48pm 23MarUTC

Phenomenal Giftson Asunluya



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