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Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Dec 6, 2023 @ 1:20pm 13DecUTC
Sukarma Thareja

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How does Society look down on Home Makers

 I was teaching science in school.I observed one of my good student, Raka looked little tired.
I called Raka and inquired about the reason. She said “madam  My mother’s health has not  been very good for some days, and the doctor has advised her not to do any kind of work and only take rest. So me and my sister have to do the entire #housework. Doing house hold  work like #washing utensils,  cleaning, and making food. “

 I said “Raka I know  it is a difficult task because,  mothers never burden their children  with house hols work. They are of opinion  that it’s  children age to study, not to do housework.”

 But  Raka have you noticed people always make fun of women,  #home makers because they  think house wives only sit  at home and do nothing the whole day. But see my child doing  all this work also  require so much #hard work.

 Raka said”madam,we both sisters are doing house hold work , but we are not able to do  my mom’s level work. We literally feel very tired, and interestingly, my mom manages to do all this work along with her job alone.”

I told my student it is a misconception that home makers work is trivial.According to me home makers are contributing a lot in building a harmonious society.Good home makers are down to earth persons .All members of family learn a lot from their informal education.

Raka said”Now I realize madam why many of my good friend repent being home economist.They always complain that some time home maker’s job is so hard that drain out ones whole energy.But demand from family keeps increasing.”

I said Raka”you are absolutely right.I wish family and society soon realize that home makers are precious jewel and pearl in garland of society”

 Moral of Story-Being  #housewife and doing #housework is not as easy as people sometime feel.One only realize the value of this work when one actually has to do all #house hold work by one self.


Sukarma Thareja

Alumnus IITK 1986



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Sukarma TharejaLast Seen: Dec 6, 2023 @ 1:20pm 13DecUTC

Sukarma Thareja


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