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The 3 Types of Films

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Kirran AshwinLast Seen: Nov 17, 2023 @ 7:20pm 19NovUTC
Kirran Ashwin

There are three types of films,

  1. Art film
  2.  Commercial film 
  3. Intermediate Film

First question, is this type of classification valid?

A voice is often heard, ‘There is nothing as Art film or Commercial film, there is only good film or bad film’. It is an echo of common mass. Why should it be divided like that alone, who will decide a film as good or bad? Why can’t it be just films then?

The above distinctions are made in terms of both the quality of the audience and the way in which the cinema recovers its investment. Cinema is a performing art anyway. 
Unlike literature, its audience should arrive immediately. It cannot be expected that audience will come long after like literature. So, it has to decide in advance who its audience is.
Based on that its investment will be decided.
Any art needs a practice to enjoy it. The same goes for literature, music, and painting. Cinema as an art form demands the practice of seeing it. This practice is twofold. One is to look at previous masterpieces.
Next is Learning the aesthetics of the art of cinema.
1. Art Film - An art film is a film made for a trained audience.  A film that is seen only by trained cinemagoers can reach only a few thousand viewers. So, it cannot be built in a huge budget.
All art films are generally under-invested, and their success or failure is not determined by how many people watch them or how much money they make but on who saw them.
and what effect it had on them. Examples include The Sacrifice (1986)
, Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1972).
2. Commercial Film - A form of public entertainment. So, it gives people what they like. Made after learning from previous successes and failures about what people like. 
Their investment is a business investment. It's success is based on sales and profit. Examples include Jaws (1975), Titanic (1999)
Intermediate Film - Trying to achieve the aesthetics created by art films within the commercial structure of entertainment cinema. Art Films can be subjected to all sorts of
experiments as they are made for a select audience. Intermediate Film recreates some of the aesthetic elements achieved by the art film for the general audience.
It brings commercial films closer to art film. Thus popularizing art. Examples include Hey Ram (2000)
Kirran AshwinLast Seen: Nov 17, 2023 @ 7:20pm 19NovUTC

Kirran Ashwin


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