Best Sites To Earn Money Writing Articles (#2 Is A New Way)

Best Sites to Earn Money Writing Articles (#2 is a New Way)

Learn how to earn money as an inexperienced/new writer. Discover the best sites to earn money writing articles without any experience.  You earn money writing articles thanks to newer platforms emerging on the internet today. 

Earning money isn’t easy. We know that. But, today, thanks to the Work-From-Home culture, it’s possible to earn $500+ a month from the many jobs for writers online.

The problem with most “paid for articles websites” is that they require high-quality content, which new/inexperienced individuals can’t really make.

But, don’t worry! We will be talking about sites where you can join as an inexperienced writer, and gain experience with time. Your income will increase as your experience increases.

Earn Money Writing Articles

So without wasting your time, let’s get acquainted with the Best sites to earn money writing articles online.

Most Content Writing Websites require some degree of past experience. However, there are some content writing websites, where even the inexperienced can start earning well.

The number 2, is something you have never heard of. Trust me, it’s new, and you’ll love it.


Medium is a popular content writing website and can be used to earn money writing articles.

Anyone can become a contributor at Medium and start writing content. It’s geared towards stories, ideas, and perspectives. It’s completely open and free to join.

Once you join, you have to follow their strict guidelines, and ensure your content is good enough, to be on Medium.

You won’t start earning money right from the beginning. You would have to gain a following of at least 100 people and have at least 1 published content before being eligible to earn.

After that, you can start earning easily. The earnings would be based on the time people spend reading your content and the new memberships that come through your reference.

The income eventually builds up. After some time, you start earning a regular income. Start writing at Medium today

2. Milyin

Milyin is a promising start-up, that can help you grow as a writer. Milyin is completely free to join and open for all. 

You can create content on any topic of your choice, and will. There are not many guidelines, it gives you freedom. If your content is safe for all ages, cultures, religions, and individuals, then your content is welcome on Milyin.

How do you earn money writing articles at Milyin? At Milyin, users will see ads on your content. You will earn a flat $0.1 per ad click on your content. Content once published can yield you ad clicks (and subsequently revenue) for many years to come.

One of the specialties of Milyin is complete freedom. You can choose the design, layout, and UI elements of your choice. Even more, you can customize the monetization to show more or fewer ads based on your revenue needs.

But wait — it gets even better. On Amazon Affiliate ads, Milyin will share 70% of the revenue it earns through Amazon Affiliate sales referred through your content.

Even newcomers with 0 experience can start earning from Day 1 on Milyin. To join, register, then login and start creating content.

It’s as simple as that. Milyin is a new platform and has a lot of scopes. They pay a generous $0.1 per ad click, that’s higher than many big organizations. Do give it a shot.

Wow Women

Women feel underrepresented almost everywhere, but not in the world of writing. 

Wow Women is a platform for the women from the women. Wow Women look for capable women writers, who write content targeted for women.

It requires skill and knowledge for writing proper content. If you possess both of these necessities, then you can easily earn a lot with them.

You must be capable of bringing forth unique ideas and avoid copying from existing content. Online money making can have many advantages, but theirs one big disadvantage — Competition. You could be competing with far too many people for a given job. That’s why you must be very skilled to get one these jobs.

They will be paying you $0.02 per word, which is more than enough, considering you can publish a lot of content in no time.

It’s not open for all. You have to send them a mail describing your skills and justify your worth.

Excellent for women having experience in writing content targeted at females.

As the name suggests is a site geared toward humor, sarcasm, and jokes. One of the best things about Cracked is that you don’t need to have past experience.

If you are good, you will definitely get paid for creativity, You will write articles for them, for which the payouts would be about $100 per article. As you write more content for them, you’ll be earning up to $200 per article.

Cracked is unique, and has less competition. That’s primarily because the conventional internet lacks content oriented for comedy and entertainment.


Backpacker is a site devoted to travelers and wanderers. It supports writers writing for backpacking, traveling, and travel destinations.

It’s for properly experienced professionals. It justifies its high requirements with excellent payouts. They pay 40 cents to 1 USD per word written. Yes, you read that right.

They are giving you a high price because they know this genre requires highly skilled and experienced writers.

It’s important to note that Backpacker majorly focuses on travel destinations involving Hiking. They do not accept other traveling content.

Furthermore, they keep themselves restricted to content about North America, they rarely write content targetted outside North America.

Developer Tutorials

All you nerds, hear me out!

Developer Tutorials is a blog dealing with regular programming and designing guidance for its readers. It’s a blog devoted to programmers.

To be its part, you would need to have a thorough knowledge of some of the popular programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, Python, etc. 

You should have experience in finding, gathering, and referencing useful online resources.

Start Your Own Blog

Yes, the last resort if none of this suits you, is to start your own blog. Having your own blog has many advantages over writing for someone else.

Today starting your own blog is easier than ever before, thanks to advanced Content Management Systems that allow you to build blogs without the knowledge of coding.

Most of the free blogs would be hard to monetize. The free blogs can majorly be used to gain experience. But, if you want to genuinely earn money with your own blog, having your own site would be crucial.

There are many dirt cheap hosting available that can be used to start your own blog. For Indians, Bluehost is giving a massive discount for Web Hosting purchases. Consider buying today.


How Can You Earn Money Online?

You can earn money online by leveraging your skills. If you like writing, you can earn quite a lot from just writing great content. Some sites like Medium and Milyin can be excellent to write your mind and at the same time earn money online.

You can also start your YouTube channel or become a Freelancer to earn money online easily. The opportunities are infinite, but you must try to find your strengths and your love.

What Are Some Good jobs for Writers Online?

Some good jobs for writers online include writing content for niche websites like Wow Women,, etc.  If you are not a niche writer, some of the good jobs for writers (general purpose) include Medium and Milyin

Is Milyin a Good Website to Write Content?

We might be slightly biased, but still, Milyin is undeniably one of the great websites to write content. It’s similar to many paid-for-article websites, but its unique feature is the ability to customize the monetization and thus your revenue.

It’s a site that focuses on complete freedom and supports creativity. It’s a great choice


By now you’d have realized that earning money by writing content can be a piece of cake if you select the right platform.

If you have a very particular niche and have experience with it, we have mentioned a couple of popular sites that will pay to write about humor, hiking, coding, and some other genres.

If you have multiple genres or some uncommon genre, Medium is the place to go. You will get a large audience and can write with much more freedom.

If you want to create content about your unique ideas, talk about your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, and perspectives, or show your creative content like stories and poetry, while still earning money, Milyin is for you.

Choose wisely, and you will get to write your heart and have a great time.

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