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AJOY KUMAR MUKHERJEELast Seen: Nov 20, 2023 @ 6:18pm 18NovUTC

As I flipped through my memory album, it reminded me to pen down the touching reality that mostly happens to many, while parting relationships at the fag end of their professional career. It is with relation to a good soul as known well among all and regarded with affection and trust. He is still our childhood friend for whom a rare feeling of weakness was always preserved in a small space within our hearts. He was the last batsman in our friend circle to let the wicket fall in his very long service career with a Private Sector Banking organization. An incitement worked within me to share the feelings, that many of us have trudged through during their working tenure in professional life with different organizations.

On the date of being relieved and stepping down from his position, there was absolute silence and he was surrounded by heavyhearted colleagues. Being acclaimed as a workaholic, one of the most dependable people he always stood the test of time and played a supportive role.

The dreadful thunderstorm was created suddenly through mergers and acquisitions, in that many of his earlier colleagues were uprooted, who could not withstand the catastrophe. It was quite difficult for that person to adapt themselves to the new management due to the changes within the organization. For them, it was a choking environment as well as the deportment in the new stream of management and their pressure to reach the unaccomplished goals and objectives was simply becoming a nightmare.

Parting has been very painful for anyone like him, as he must have observed all the outpouring of affection and admiration from his peers and superiors on this day. It is imperative that the feelings and sentiments of everyone who had worked as a colleague for so long were really been beyond expression. One can well understand the waves of sentiments; those touching the shore of his heart too, were also quite the same. It must be always remembered that it’s the power of one’s mind, innovation, teamwork, orientation, humility, empathy, passion, and outstanding personal qualities that endear someone as a cut above the rest.

All the colleagues, for sure will recollect and feel proud of him in the years to come. The future generation would also love to hear more about him from their fellow worker and try to emulate him, as to how he had conquered all the bumpy rides in his professional arena and stood upright in the most adverse test of time. He also had shared on that day, in his own uncanny style by addressing the gathering with whom he had spent the most valuable time of his life. All the colleagues stood up in ovation and showered their benediction for him to display courageousness. Thus, everyone wished him all success in his future sincere endeavour, as well as enduring strength for leading the most peaceful and self-decisive truly personal life with his family and friends.

However, unfortunately, on that day, he was duty-bound to leave them behind with a heavy heart and walk alone with his memory as the only asset, which was nothing but the power of retaining and recalling past experiences to share.

AJOY KUMAR MUKHERJEELast Seen: Nov 20, 2023 @ 6:18pm 18NovUTC



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