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A Mother’s Resilience

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Michael AdelekeLast Seen: Nov 9, 2023 @ 10:40pm 22NovUTC
Michael Adeleke

In  the crucible of life, she toils with rigor,

Born to endure, she’s a loving figure.

By her side, her children thrive and grow,

Not once does she falter, her love continues to flow.

With every breath, she breathes for their sake,

A mother’s love, unbreakable, for their sake.

Through trials and storms, she marches on,

Her strength and devotion, like the morning sun at dawn.

In days of scarcity, she works without cease,

Striving to find meat and food to increase.

Alone, her children dine on what she serves,

Her sacrifices, a testament to the love she reserves.

There was a time when she couldn’t afford,

Yet, for her children’s future, she explored.

To provide what they need, she did strive,

So her beloved children could truly thrive.

This is the residence of our mothers, strong and true,

A fortress of love, where dreams take root and grew.

Through hardships and struggles, they stand tall,

The cornerstone of our families, the heart of it all.

In the echoes of their laughter and the warmth of their embrace,

We find solace and comfort in this sacred space.

Their love is the foundation on which we stand,

Guiding us with wisdom and a helping hand.

In moments of darkness, they’re our guiding light,

Leading us through the toughest of fights.

Their love is unwavering, an eternal flame,

A beacon of hope, with no end or aim.

The residence of our mothers, where love resides,

In their nurturing care, our heart abides.

Through tears and joys, they’ve been our guide,

A love so deep, it’s impossible to hide.

Let us celebrate them, today and forevermore,

For the love they give, we deeply adore.

In their resilience, we find inspiration anew,

A mother’s love, steadfast and true.

Michael AdelekeLast Seen: Nov 9, 2023 @ 10:40pm 22NovUTC

Michael Adeleke


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