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A Dream I Almost killed

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Michael AdelekeLast Seen: Nov 9, 2023 @ 10:40pm 22NovUTC
Michael Adeleke

“A Dream I Almost Killed”

Nobody ever believed me, not even my parents. Their skepticism hung in the air, heavy and suffocating. The dream that I clung to, the dream of becoming a proficient tailor, was met with doubt and disbelief. It wasn’t merely about sewing clothes; it was about proving my worth, my passion, and my capabilities. The journey was far from easy, and the obstacles seemed insurmountable, but I refused to give up.

*Chapter 1:*

Threads of AspirationEvery dream begins with a spark, a tiny glimmer of hope that ignites a fire within us. For me, it was the world of tailoring that captured my heart. I watched in awe as skilled hands transformed bolts of fabric into magnificent garments. The creativity and precision that tailors exhibited were nothing short of an art form. It was as if they held the power to turn dreams into reality, and I yearned to join their ranks.As a child, I would sit in my small room, observing my mother’s sewing machine with fascination. Its rhythmic hum and the swiftness with which it turned plain fabric into beautifully tailored outfits seemed almost magical. I would spend hours by her side, watching, learning, and absorbing the essence of this craft.The desire to create with my own hands, to craft clothing that told stories, to bring dreams to life through fabric and thread, became my deepest aspiration. The colors and textures of fabric were my palette, and the sewing machine, my brush. My imagination knew no bounds as I envisioned the possibilities that this skill could unlock.However, as I grew and shared my aspirations with those around me, doubt began to creep in. The world often has a way of casting shadows on our dreams. “Can you really do this?” they would ask. “Sewing is not a career; it’s just a hobby.” The skepticism of others threatened to extinguish my dream.But the spark of aspiration was too strong to be snuffed out by doubt. It flickered but didn’t die. It fueled a determination within me, a determination to prove that sewing was not just a pastime; it was an art, a craft, a passion. It was a dream worth pursuing.With every stitch, I wove the fabric of my dreams. Each seam was a step toward turning that childhood fascination into a fulfilling reality. The journey ahead was long, filled with challenges, but it was a journey I was determined to embark on. It was a journey that would thread together the tapestry of my life, one stitch at a time.

*Chapter 2:*

Doubts and Skepticism However, my aspirations were met with incredulity. Those closest to me, my parents, couldn’t fathom that I, their child, would be capable of sewing their clothes. Their doubts were palpable, their concerns vocal. They saw my attempts as folly and feared the inadequacy that might result. I was faced with a choice: surrender to their skepticism or confront it head-on.The first clash between my dream and the doubts of my parents was a painful one. I remember the evening vividly, a moment that would forever be etched in my memory. I had just finished sewing a simple handkerchief, my first independent creation. My heart brimmed with pride as I presented it to my mother, expecting to see admiration in her eyes.Instead, what I saw was a look of surprise, tinged with uncertainty. She examined the handkerchief closely, and her words cut deeper than any needle ever could. “Are you sure you want to pursue this, dear?” she asked, her voice gentle but laced with doubt. “It’s a tough world out there, and tailoring isn’t an easy profession.”Her words hung in the air, a heavy cloud over my fledgling dreams. My father, too, expressed concerns about the practicality of my chosen path. They believed in me, but their love was intertwined with fear for my future. Tailoring, in their eyes, was not a secure, reputable profession. It was seen as a hobby, a skill for personal use, but not something to build a career upon.This initial encounter with doubt left me shaken, and it tested the conviction that had been steadily growing within me. I questioned my own abilities and wondered if I was indeed being naïve in pursuing this path. I understood that their concerns were rooted in love and concern for my well-being, but they were like barriers on my chosen route.Despite the skepticism that clouded my early attempts, I couldn’t suppress the flame of my aspirations. I knew that tailoring was not just a hobby for me; it was my calling. The act of creating clothing, of turning raw fabric into functional and beautiful garments, was a passion that I couldn’t ignore. This was my dream, and I had to find a way to make it come true.Confronting the doubts of my parents was not about proving them wrong; it was about proving to myself that I had the determination and skills required to excel in this craft. It was a battle within, a battle against self-doubt and uncertainty. I was determined to turn their skepticism into belief, to show them that tailoring was not just a pursuit of whimsy but a path that could lead to fulfillment and success.The doubts of others can be powerful, but they can also be the catalyst that propels us forward. They challenge us to evaluate our dreams, to refine our goals, and to emerge from the cocoon of skepticism as a stronger, more determined individual. This chapter in my journey was a turning point, a test of my resolve, and it was here that I made a choice. I chose to face the doubt, to acknowledge it, and to use it as a stepping stone toward my dream, rather than an obstacle in my path.

*Chapter 3:*

The Needle’s Resolve in the face of doubt, my resolve solidified. I knew that to prove myself, I would need to navigate a labyrinth of challenges. I started with the basics – sewing a simple shirt. Each stitch was a testament to my determination. The needle and thread became my allies, my companions in this solitary quest. With each passing day, my skill grew, and I advanced from sewing one shirt to crafting trousers and dresses.The doubters had unwittingly become my motivators. Their skepticism had lit a fire in me, and I was determined to fan those flames into a roaring inferno of success. Every moment at the sewing machine, every struggle with a stubborn piece of fabric, was a testament to my commitment.I immersed myself in the world of tailoring. I devoured books on the subject, seeking knowledge about different stitching techniques, fabric types, and garment patterns. My small room transformed into a sanctuary of creativity. Rolls of fabric stood like silent sentinels, and the sewing machine, my trusty companion, awaited my every command.As I progressed in my journey, I encountered countless hurdles. My fingers were pricked by sharp needles, and seams were unpicked and re-sewn until they met my demanding standards. Every garment I created was a stepping stone, each one better than the last. The sense of accomplishment that followed the completion of a finely tailored shirt or a perfectly fitted pair of trousers was immeasurable.The world of tailoring was a teacher in itself. It taught me patience, precision, and the importance of attention to detail. The fabric became my canvas, and the garments, my works of art. I soon realized that tailoring was not just about creating clothing; it was about understanding the personality and preferences of the wearer. Every stitch was a step toward bringing the vision of the client to life.I began taking on small projects for friends and family, offering to mend their clothes or create custom pieces. It was an opportunity to showcase my growing skills and build a portfolio of work. With each project, I learned something new – a new technique, a better way to handle a particular fabric, or a more efficient method for achieving a perfect fit.Yet, this journey was not without its moments of self-doubt. There were days when I questioned whether I was on the right path. The pressure to prove myself was immense, and the road ahead seemed endless. But in those moments of doubt, I turned to my work, to the tangible evidence of my progress. The shirts and dresses neatly lined up in my room were a visual reminder of how far I had come.The journey of a dream realized is not just about the destination; it’s about the transformation that occurs along the way. Each stitch, each challenge, and each garment were not just about creating clothing; they were about forging my character, honing my skills, and reaffirming my belief in the dream that had almost been extinguished.This chapter of my story is a testament to the power of determination. It’s a reminder that, in the face of doubt and skepticism, it’s our unwavering resolve that allows us to conquer the most formidable challenges. The journey was far from over, and more trials awaited, but with each stitch, I stitched together the fabric of my dreams, weaving them into a tapestry of resilience and passion.

Michael AdelekeLast Seen: Nov 9, 2023 @ 10:40pm 22NovUTC

Michael Adeleke


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