Apple Event October 2021 Highlights: AirPods, M1 & MacBook Pro

16th October 2023 | 55 Views

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Apple Event October 2021 was a banger, here are the highlights and main announcements at the Apple Event 2021.

After months of speculation, Apple finally made a big announcement.

It was a brilliant event, and a rare event as it happened on Monday, usually Apple Events happen on Tuesday.

Tim Cook starts the event by highlighting the key areas of today’s event; Music and Mac

Apple Music

First up in the Apple Event October 2021 Highlights is Apple Music.

We will talk about the Apple Silicon and MacBooks in a second.

Apple Music and Siri work even better, you can now ask Siri to play a playlist for a particular mood.

You can ask Siri to Play Music Playlist for Hiking, or whatever.

Apple announced Apple Voice Plan starting at $4.99 that allows you to use Siri to utilize the full potential of Siri.

HomePod Mini & Airpods

Apple updated HomePod Mini with 4 new colors, including my favorite Orange and Yellow.

They will be available for $99 each and will be available in November.

HomePod Mini has been the most successful speaker from Apple.

Apple is doing its best to make HomePod better and aligning it with its color scheme for other Apple devices such as iMac, which last year got a similar color update.

Coming into AirPods. AirPods are another major update from the Apple Event October 2021 Highlights

Tim Cook bragged about AirPods being the most popular earphones of all time.

And then announced the first major update to #AirPods since their release.

Now the new baseline AirPods support spatial audio and have a shorter stem.

The shape of the charging case has also been changed accordingly.

AirPods now feature sweat and are water-resistant.

AirPods now has 6 hrs of active listening time, and the case now supports MagSafe charging.

The new AirPods start at $129 and are available to order today

Apple Silicon

If you got tired be prepared because this is just the beginning of our Apple Event October 2021 Highlights

Apple Event October 2021 Highlights would be incomplete without talking about Apple Silicon.

Apple set the theme by talking about MacBooks.

The new Chip was rumored to be called M1X or M2

However, Apple surprised everyone by calling it “Apple M1 Pro”

M1 Pro

M1 Pro has 10 cores with 8 Performance cores and 2 Efficiency cores.

M1 Pro has 16 Core GPU built into it.

As expected it has up to 32GB of unified storage.

It has about 200GB/s of Bandwidth.

Performs significantly better than M1 and has even better efficiency.

What else could you expect from #AppleSilicon

Seems Good right?

Apple got me jumping from my chair.

When they announced another chip.

Drumroll, please. Drumroll.

M1 Max

It’s called “Apple M1 Max”

The M1 Max has 32 GPU cores. It brings up to 400Gb/s I/O performance. Apple promises dramatic Performance per watt against all the competition.

M1 Max has up to 64GB RAM, which outperforms all optimizations.

Apple claims to deliver the same performance with up to70% less power consumption.

M1 Pro will be able to compete with Discrete GPUs while consuming significantly less power.

MacBook Pro

Apple Announced new MacBooks.

These are 2 new MacBook Pros, with 14′ and 16′ screens.

They got a really big redesign, with thinner bezels better I/O, and a lot more.

It’s so much that the entire Apple Event October 2021 Highlights would be short for it

First of all Apple Touch Bar is dead.


Apple makes I/O changes too.

Apple added an HDMI port, SD card slot, a total of 3 Thunderbolt ports.

And yes, the #MagSafe is coming back to MacBooks.

You can charge with USB-C or MagSafe.

It’s brilliant.


Yes, unexpected but true.

The New MacBook has a notch, a larger display with a Tiny Notch.

Apple claims to have the MacOS to take full advantage of the Display Design.

Apple is Bringing Pro Motion to MacBooks.

Who would have thought Apple would have brought a 120hz display.

That’s not all, Apple’s new display is based on Mini LED.

Yes, Apple has finally done it.

Mini LED on MacBooks, with more than 1000 not brightness.

Camera and Audio

Apple also updated the Cameras, which now come at 1080p, and better low light performance.

Apple further improved its so-called studio-quality mics.

The mics now have a much better noise floor

They get 6 Speaker sound system that even supports Spatial Audio


Apple claims the new MacBooks are up to 3x faster than the previous generation i9 MacBooks.

The GPU performance is also breathtaking for MacBook Pro 14″ as well as MacBook Pro 16″.

The added RAM, extra GPU cores, and Unified Memory make work much more efficient.

In Apple Event October 2021 Highlights, Apple flexes how you would be able to quickly perform tasks that other PCs can’t even do.

#Apple made new MacBooks Pros that are super powerful while still being super-efficient.

This results in a lightweight machine that gives you excellent battery life. MacBooks now support Fast Charging. They charge up to 50% in just 30 minutes.

That’s it for the Apple Event October 2021 Highlights, in case you think we missed something let us know.

The MacBook Pro 14″ starts at $1999 and the MacBook Pro 16″ starts at $2499.


Apple Event October 2021 Highlights were great.

The new updates to Apple Music, and AirPods were really good. The highlight of the event was the M1 Silicon and the #MacBook.

Oh boy, they are great. I hope you enjoyed the Apple Event October 2021 Highlight

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