Vital Tips On How To Become An Entrepreneur After 12th

Vitals Tips on How to Become an Entrepreneur After 12th

16th October 2023 | 75 Views

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Do you want to be an Entrepreneur After 12th? You want to start earning and change the world while avoiding expensive education, or a Job might not be your cup of tea. No worries, here are Vital Tips to become an entrepreneur after the 12th.

This article will teach you important ways to pursue your career as an entrepreneur. Becoming an entrepreneur is tough. But we have some excellent guidance to help you become an entrepreneur after the 12th of 2021.

But before all this, we need to answer the critical question, what does an entrepreneur mean?

What Does an Entrepreneur Mean?

So, What does an Entrepreprenuer mean? Simply put, it is a person who starts a business, intending to revolutionize an Industry while assuming the majority of the risk. An entrepreneur tries to find Investments and Capital to continue his business.

Entrepreneurship is about creativity, ideas, innovation, and, most importantly, breaking the rules.

An Entrepreneur dares to break the rules and has the complete freedom to do so.

But what is the difference between an Entrepreneur and a Businessman?

Well, Business is run for profit. If you want to be a businessman after class 12th your only purpose would be to earn money, anything like a grocery store, or a restaurant.

But entrepreneurship would involve taking risks and going through complex tasks and ideas that no one has ever tried.

The difference between business people and entrepreneurs is the same as between Grocery Stores and Amazon. Both sell goods, yet one is an average brick-and-mortar building, while the other involves decades of innovation and logistics to build e-commerce like no one else.

So why become an Entrepreneur after the 12th? Profit. Fame. Recognition. It’s a high-risk yet high-reward proposition.

The benefit of being an Entrepreneur is that after the initial risk, you earn profit like no one else.

So now 

This raises the question Who should become an Entrepreneur after the 12th?

Who should become an entrepreneur?

Becoming an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea either.

So who should become an entrepreneur after the 12th?

It is possible that after doing your 12th, most of you would be spending anywhere from 3-8 years in higher studies to get a job that gives you no rights, no freedom, and you will spend 40 years of your life before retiring and being sad about not following your passion.

But it is also possible that you want to be average, and job security and freedom are more vital to you. If that’s the case, you are better off not being an entrepreneur.

Most middle-class families won’t have enough finances to support an expensive education, students would take education loans, pushing them deeper into the quagmire of never-ending liabilities.

The entrepreneur gets freedom like no one else, with no rules or boundaries. The entrepreneur can make decisions on his own.

Besides having the courage to take risks and having a unique and revolutionary idea, you should only become an entrepreneur:

  • If you want to do something to change the world,
  • if you don’t want to be a traditional doctor or engineer
  • if you don’t want to follow the orders of the boss
  • if you don’t want to keep studying for years.

The ability to take risks and have a good idea, along with any of the above 4, are necessary criteria for becoming an entrepreneur after the 12th.

How to Become an Entrepreneur After 12th

The key to becoming an entrepreneur is to have a great idea and an excellent implementation of the concept.

Finding Ideas is easy Ideas are overrated. However, finding GOOD ideas is tough, and not everyone can do that.

Step 1 is always to have a good enough Idea.

Ideas, as I said, are overrated.

Most people who try to become an entrepreneur have perfect ideas; the problem is always execution.

How to Find Ideas?

Well, the answer is wandering, roaming around. Ideas, unlike science, require creativity. You can stumble around a picture while walking, driving, playing, and whatnot.

Keep wandering and hunting until you find an idea you are genuinely passionate about.

Next up, the problem is always execution, so let’s discuss how to execute your idea.

Secrets to Finding Investors to Become an Entrepreneur

Most people who want to become Entrepreneurs after the 12th won’t have sufficient funds.

You will surely need investments. Starting a business with your income or loans is always recommended rather than an investment.

Taking investment very early will give you really less cash at cost of significant portion of stake. Once you can show a profit, however tiny it is, you will be innegotiating terms. You should try to hold majority stake with yourself, and try to get enough cash to last next 2 years of expenses

Finding Investors is difficult. Here are essential steps to do to get a better investment:

  • Generate Testimonials: As A new company, if you can record credible testimonials from customers praising your company, then it will help you put your case in front of investors
  • You promote your product to your customer. Similarly, you promote your startup to investors.” : That’s why make PPTs about plans, current finances
  • Take photos and important pictures representing teamwork and your valuable moments, they make a significant impact in front of Investors.
  • Do a Rehearsal: Rehearse your entire speech. It should be about 10-20 minutes long, where you discuss your company, have your friends sit and ask you questions, and essentially roast your company so that you can prepare for all criticisms.

Learn Dr. Steve Covey’s Multitasking Technique

When you want to become an entrepreneur after the 12th, you will probably be alone or have a small team.

At such a stage, Multitasking is valuable. The ability to do two tasks simultaneously as 1 task is unimaginably important.

One of the best people to teach the art of Multitasking is, Late Dr. Steven Covey, the writer of the bestseller book, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Late Dr. Steven Covey very well suggested the right approach to managing time. He suggests categorizing all your works into four quadrants, as shown below.

Improve Your Multitasking Skills By Prioritizing

Improve Your Multitasking Skills By Prioritizing

You should finish Quadrant 1 first and then complete the tasks in Subsequent Quadrants.

Dividing work into these four quadrants can be helpful and is a crucial tip for multitasking.

This ensures you do not do a less-priority task before a high-priority one. Studies of high priority should be done first, with readings of lower or the same emphasis being done in parallel by multitasking.

Learn more about  How to become a better Multitasker

How To Become an Entrepreneur at 16

Resources are essential to run any business.

It’s better to have all resources that you have ready.

Now, notice how I say “Consolidate your Resources” instead of “Consolidate your Finances”?

This is because some of the most critical resources are not financial.

If you want to become an entrepreneur after the 12th, you most likely don’t have professional qualifications or experience in your Entrepreneurship firm. You will not 4be getting a loan because you won’t have sufficient income to take a loan.

So when you don’t have knowledge and experience, your most important resource is your friends and team.

I recommend you list all the essential resources you have; this includes your major expenses, your monthly liabilities, and the professionals you would need for your business.

For example, as a new brand, you won’t have money for Professional Logo, which is very important for building your brand value. It’s better to find a Graphic Design professional to do it at less cost.

All those who try to become entrepreneurs after the 12th depend on their parents for finances. You must take them in confidence and have the estimated finance you have.

Leverage Color Psychology in your Business

I am writing this for all sorts of people from different business niches.

So I will be a bit generalized.

One of the most powerful tools in business that people rarely use is Color Psychology.

Colors are powerful. They knowingly and unknowingly can change our perception of a brand.

Companies use colors liberally to push you towards action.

Wonder why McDonald’s, KFC, etc., have Red and Yellow in their colors aggressively?

Yes you guessed it, colors Red and Yellow make us feel more hungry, and therefore helps boost sales. Similarly the color Purple reduces Hunger therefore it is never seen in Food chains.

Look at the image below. An analysis of many Fortune 500 companies showed that most companies use Blue in their Logo, while no company uses Purple, and only 2 use pink in their logo.

How To Become An Entrepreneur After 12th Using Color Psychology

How To Become An Entrepreneur After 12th Using Color Psychology

This is because Blue is accosted with Trust and Safety.

You can implement Color Psychology in your business, too. It will help you become an entrepreneur after the 12th by influencing the subconscious minds of people using Color Psychology.

This can give you an unexpected advantage over the competition: Learn More about Color Psychology in Marketing. g

The secret to Becoming an Entrepreneur after 12th: Start Small, Grow Fast

Becoming an Entrepreneur is tough.

And not every idea you get is achievable initially.

Say you have some revolutionary idea that involves starting an Airline.

Any airplane needs aircraft, which are expensive, even for rich people. It would be unwise to go all in to buy those big Airbus/Boeing aircraft.

Instead, it would be best if you started small.

Most first-timers filled with energy want to avoid being small. However, starting small isn’t bad. The remaining small is very bad. You have to try to improve constantly.

Buying a small aircraft, 4-5 seater, hand-flying it, using profit to buy a giant plane, and so on. This is the way to build up and grow big slowly.

How to Become an Entrepreneur with No Money

Becoming an Entrepreneur with No money is difficult, but it is still pretty much possible.

You need money to run a business, but historically many successful Entrepreneurs once operated their companies with no money.

The founder of McDonald’s once talking about McDonald’s business model said, “[McDonald’s] real business is NOT making hamburgers, but rather it is real estate.”

What? How? How can they be a Real Estate company? McDonald’s makes burgers that we all love, and ice cream machines are always broken.

So why do they call themselves a Real Estate company?

McDonald’s has a real estate company called “McDonald’s Real Estate Corporation” that buys land at strategic locations and leases it to McDonald’s franchises.

McDonald’s doesn’t own restaurants. They sell franchises of McDonald’s, which build their restaurants, McDonald’s gives them Guidelines and Training, but they never own restaurants.

Similarly, Amazon sells everything from Electronics to Groceries to Daily Needs, yet it doesn’t own any Brick and Mortar stores.

The critical difference between them and you is that they invest while you spend. Rather than spending, you have to invest the money into your business such that your cash proliferates.

This is the secret to becoming an entrepreneur with no money. Invest wisely and leverage the money of other people.

McDonald’s knows they can’t own, run and maintain 10000s of restaurants globally with totally different menus and requirements. Yet they know those franchises will spend much money on their own if needed.

Read more about how to become an entrepreneur with no money


It’s pretty easy to become an entrepreneur after the 12th. However, it would be best if you had a lot of planning and skills.

First, the most important thing is to know whether you want to be an #entrepreneur.

Once you are sure, you need to consolidate your assets, this includes friends, team, finances, etc., along with building a #budget.

For those with fewer resources, learning the habit of Multitasking can be a game-changer, as it can massively improve efficiency, decrease costs, and buy more time.

You need to start small. A #StartUp company is proliferating better than a big company that is not growing.

To grow and maximize profits, always keep an eye on talented individuals in your friend circle so that you can leverage them in time of need.

Color Psychology is critical to building trust and increasing revenues with no additional cost. Simply changing colors to suit your motive can increase sales.

Techniques like using #ColorPsychology and implementing investment tricks to save money can massively improve your chances to become an entrepreneur after 12th

I hope you enjoyed reading this. You can contact me in the comment section if you have other suggestions or need any advice.

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