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Milyin exists to empower people by helping them show their creativity. We at Myin want to help people present thoughts, opinions, and beliefs freely.

We are devoted to Creativity and Originality. That’s why we call never call our Users “Bloggers.” We call them “Creators,” and their content is termed “Creations” on the entire site.

Why Milyin?

We want to help people create content and use the internet. Our site Milyin (https://milyin.com/), is a Content Creation Platform.

We built a free-to-register platform for Creators to join and have complete freedom over creating content. We want to empower the individual who wants to show he is made and present their thoughts, opinions, and beliefs but doesn’t have the skill and time to build their site.

In a world of Social Media, where people are heavily limited by the requirements and limitations of Social Media, we want to be open and dynamic. With restriction is the platform’s closeness, constraints such as character count, or format limitations such as Video Only/Photo Only.

We want to be open and do anything you want. We are essentially helping them be on the internet. We try to make Milyin socialaized. However, calling it ‘Social Media + Blogging’ would be wrong. Ability to follow and unfollow creators, interact in comments, and send text/media messages using chat, @mentions, and hashtags. We are interactive too. But at our core, we pivot toward creativity and helping people post what they want to post on the internet.

We achieve the goal of an excellent Content Creation platform using a Front End Creation Interface we built for our site and unique tools that support WYSIWYG editing with complete control over UI: hide header/footer, hide title, Publish Privately(visible only through link), Table of Contents, Full-Width Templates, etc.

Every Creation is built for a Reason.

With Social Media, the average person has almost no control over being visible on the internet. We want to support individuals and help them stand up against big brothers. Our site is a Content Creation platform that supports creativity and freedom.

The one thing we are most proud of is, helping people follow their passion while still being independent. We helped individuals who did Shayari (a form of Poetry, often in Urdu) to those Digital Artists who hated Instagram’s Image compression, making it impossible to show their Digital art.

We helped them follow their passion while earning through the same. We help them monetize their content on our platform quickly and thus allowing them to be much more independent. We do this earn by sharing the majority of Affiliate sales revenue with them.

We do not allow access to wp-admin for our users, but we have built many tools and by far the best Front-end WordPress Interface for Writing Posts/Pages.

The Future

As the Content Creators on our site grow, they have their unique requests about features. We have a laser-sharp focus on improving our interface to support multiple forms of content published.

The limiting factor has been the inability of our site to handle large audio/video files without compression. We are trying to figure it out and allow Creators to publish content in Audio and Video formats besides the currently available Image/Text format.

Our focus will also be on making our site socializable. We will be trying to build a homepage with Feeds showing the content of every user’s interest, like Quora’s home page (for logged-in users). We recently added the ability to send and receive images/videos/PDFs between users on our site’s chat. We would try to extend it to multi-user chats and more.

We also want to build Push Notifications and more. We plan to include more Affiliate Networks on our site to allow our Creators more variety for their taste. Currently, our Content Creation Interface is designed for English only. I must admit that we only have Content in English and Hindi/Urdu as of now. However, thinking of the future, we would like to improve on that further.




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