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Is it Wrong to Drink Milk at Night?

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Rajaraman KLast Seen: Dec 2, 2023 @ 2:45pm 14DecUTC

Some people may feel active throughout the whole day after drinking coffee or tea in the morning. For some, drinking milk before bed provides the sense of completion of the day. Many children are made to drink milk before sleep by parents, in which they do not even sleep.

Even in their maturity, they sleep off at night after taking milk. One night they do not drink milk, and it feels like something is lacking. Do you have anything in common with the list above? Did you know that the night habit that you perform every day could be declining and gaining weight on your health?

In fact, people believe that drinking a glass of lukewarm milk before going to sleep at night has the advantage of making their sleep more comfortable, enhancing their metabolism, as well as promoting overall health. However, many specialists claim that this routine behavior daily night can affect health and cause obesity. Reasons to Stop Drinking Milk at Night.

Constipation: Expert says that daily drinking cold milk in the night can affect digestion. For, most people take milk within one and a half hour after eating. Milk consumed before bedtime disturbs the digestive tract and may lead to constipation when the food which has not been digested properly.

Weight gain: Protein and milk fat digestion takes time to metabolize when drinking milk at night. This makes it easier for weight gain to occur by itself. On average, a glass of milk is about 120 calories. However, nighttime calories are not burned as easily, which increases the likelihood of weight gain.

Digestive effects: These effects may vary with different people. For instance, lactose intolerant people who drink milk at night can experience severe damage in their digestion.

Rajaraman KLast Seen: Dec 2, 2023 @ 2:45pm 14DecUTC

Rajaraman K


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