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Feelings changes

16th October 2023 | 55 Views

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There are three aspects in relationship. One is the attraction that is on the physical level. The second aspect is love on the mental level. The third aspect is a deeper connection, or devotion on the spiritual level. Our feeling and emotions change all the time, we feel good about something and then a little later we feel bad about the same thing. What’s the big deal about our feelings? People often say “oh follow your feeling”. According to me never follow your feelings; you will be ruined if you follow your feelings, because feelings change all the time. We feel good and then bad about the same thing. Follow your commitment, your wisdom. Then you will be much better.
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When we see who we are, we see that we are not our emotions, we are not our feelings, and we are not our concepts. Then who we are? This very enquiry creates an awakening within us and takes away the shackles of our conditioning. There is a great expectation in every relationship that the other person should change. We never think about how we should change instead of other person. If we change first and develop such an awakened awareness’, we create an atmosphere that brings change in the other person, however they are. The ultimate relationship is beyond time; because you are timeless. Time and mind are synonymous. Time is nothing but the distance between two events, two happenings. Therefore, inner peace is much more important than the outer world.   

Dharmendra Bhagat



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