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Unremembered – A Poem

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Sana AnsariLast Seen: Oct 23, 2023 @ 6:40pm 18OctUTC
Sana Ansari

I was sitting once on a bench of a park

Few fat men jogging and little birds playing

Tired of life and devoid of any spark

Sadly I just kept endlessly watching


Soon there came a child

Sat on my bench just beside

“I’m afraid of this basketball”

The little boy said it all


“Do you fear anything?” He enquired politely

I looked at him blankly and incessantly

As innocent he was, so was his question

It drowned me in a deep ocean


The depth kept on increasing

The ocean was my own core

My own perception and thinking

His query chased my soul


What was my real fear?


Was it a single thing?

Or a cluster of thoughts I couldn’t share?

Into my head I kept digging


I was afraid of being lonely

Afraid of being forgotten easily

Soon came the realization

What I dreaded was oblivion


I was in search of people

Some souls pure and fair

For whom I’d be vital

Even when I’ll not be here


My quest could not bring satisfaction

I had no reason for gratification

I was neither pleased nor contented

Each time I felt neglected


And it kept killing me inside ever

The fear instilled deeper each day

Is there anyone to remember?

The day I’ll pass away?


Is there anyone to cry?

To waste a drop of his eye?

For me when I’ll depart,

When my soul will be taken apart?


I started shivering there

That threat I couldn’t bear

Of being a soul so ill-fated


Dejected and deserted


Suddenly the chain of thought broke

I found the child pulling my cloak

Staring me with curious eyes together

Still waiting for his answer


I took his hand and smiled

Embraced him and replied

Not much to say but just a word

My only fear is dying unremembered.

Sana AnsariLast Seen: Oct 23, 2023 @ 6:40pm 18OctUTC

Sana Ansari


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