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Envisioning About You


16th October 2023 | 1 Views

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You are my hope 
You are my reason to live 
You give me joy 
You give me peace 

I don’t know why but,
When I glance at you
My heartbeat becomes faster
And I began to quiver 

Like leaves on a windy day
I feel like I-
-am in a fairy tale which is-
-filled with bliss and merry
And a happy ending,
Which will fulfill our heart
As the sorrow we bury 

You teach me new things 
Which I never learnt 
You open my doors of emotions
Which were locked 
By the people around me 

No-one can severe our bond
No-one can separate us
We will treasure each other’s soul
To live together in the afterlife

Even if we part ways 
In accordance to destiny
I will always be happy for you 
As there will be smile upon you

Om Pathak



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