5 Affordable Ways To Get An Edu Email With Free Perks

5 Cheapest Ways to Buy EDU Email with Free Perks


16th October 2023 | 1333 Views

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In today’s digital age, having an EDU email address is like holding a golden ticket into a world of exclusive benefits and discounts. These e-mail addresses, regularly issued to college students and teachers offen get right of entry to a number of online sources at a substantially decreased price or maybe for free. But what if you are now no longer a pupil or a teacher? Is there an avenue to get one without breaking the bank? The solution is yes! In this web blog post, we will reveal five unique and cost-effective methods to get an EDU email address along with the free benefits that come with it

Alumni Associations

A regularly ignored technique to get an EDU e-mail deal is to sign up for an alumni association. Many universities provide lifetime e-mail addresses to their alumni. When you become a part of an association, you may be granted your EDU e-mail while not having to check in for training or work onsite. These alumni websites provide you with right of entry to distinctive alumni sources, including the library, profession offerings, or even discounted software.

Community College Admissions

Community schools are a hidden gem on the subject of getting an EDU e-mail deal while on a budget. These establishments regularly have open admission policies, making it less difficult for people to check in for publications. You don’t have to complete the course; One lesson can be enough. Once registered, you’ll obtain an EDU e-mail, providing you with right of entry to to pupil reductions and academic sources.

Online Course Providers

Some online course providers provide EDU email addresses to their students. Sites like Coursera, edX, and Udemy often provide students with a university-affiliated email address during the course registration process. While some courses may require a fee, there are also many free courses that give you access to an EDU email address upon completion.

Community Training Program

Many towns and cities have community training programs that provide lower priced training on a number of topics. These publications are designed for non-public enrichment and ability improvement as opposed to conventional educational activities. By enrolling in such a programs, you may regularly get an EDU e-mail deal with at a fraction of the price of a conventional university training.

Buy EDU Express Delivery Service

If you’re looking for a simpler approach, you can purchase EDU email accounts from a reputable provider. While this option isn’t completely free, it can be a cost-effective way to access the benefits associated with EDU email. Be sure to research providers thoroughly and choose one that provides authentic and fully functional EDU email addresses..

Unlock Perks

Now that you’ve learned about these five affordable methods for obtaining an EDU email address let’s explore some of the incredible perks that come with it:

  • Student discounts: An EDU email address grants you access to a wide range of discounts on software, hardware, and services. You can save on popular tools like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Amazon Prime Student.
  • Free educational resources: Access academic databases, journals, and research papers that are often locked behind paywalls. This is a treasure for lifelong learners and researchers. 
  • GitHub Student Developer Bundle: If you are interested in coding and development, this bundle offers free access to various development tools and resources.
  • Google Workspace for Education: Get free access to Google Workspace apps like Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets, plus unlimited storage.
  • Amazon AWS Educate: Early career technicians can use this program to access Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources for learning and experimentation.


In today’s digital world, an EDU email address is your access to many exclusive benefits and discounts. Whether you choose to join an alumni association, enroll in a course at a community college, or explore online learning platforms, there are cost-effective ways to get one. These methods open access to valuable resources and savings that can improve your personal and professional life. So take advantage of these opportunities and start enjoying the benefits of EDU email today!

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