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Komal KLast Seen: Nov 18, 2023 @ 12:53am 0NovUTC
Komal K

What is your dream? This is a mostly asked question in this world but do we really have the correct answer of this question. What is a dream for you guys ? 

For me Dream is my everything I’m a girl who lived with a lot of dreams in my heart from the smallest one to the epic one . 

I’m belong from a lower middle class family where I lived with a lot restrictions , not so much but restrictions are restrictions. I’m allowed to watching dream but under limits . 

And I always be like, common if we can dream the then why small dream I mean there is no charges on  dream then why we can’t have that big dreams that are out of are limits. 

My family call my stubborn all the time, because I cannot followed the Mob Mentality in my family. Yeah once this is used to be my attitude. 

But as I grew I became more introvert and shy and the most useless and the biggest mistake I’ed done is I care more about what people used to say about me , what they think of me , is I’m worthy to impress everyone.  Damn 

I literally there is a time in my life when I used to think like that . I make me so insecure about myself. I care about people words more then love myself . And because of this mentality I was being a depressed girl . I’m suffering from depression .  Almost 3/4 people in this world go through depression. Some able to cure it and  some don’t. 

I most of the time want to vanish from this world. Sometime don’t want to do anything. I always cursed myself. But nothing happened. 

I almost forget how to dream and what to dream. Because I always stay in my fantasy world. In past few months this world became unreal for me . Thinking of those days give me headache.

why it is easy to doubt ourself more than trust ourself. But  now I stop my every overthinking and doubt on me and once again start to give me another chance to grow up once again. 

Now I  dreamed once again and my dream is super hard and almost impossible for a girl like me . My don’t encourage me rather whenever I think of my dream it always make me  realise that 

To achieve my dream I’ve to create myself once again . 

For me , life without a dream is nothing.we get human life only once so make it a mystery and create your self by your own . Always Dreamed  big and never doubted yourself just trust your once with all your will . 

Best of luck dreamers .

Komal KLast Seen: Nov 18, 2023 @ 12:53am 0NovUTC

Komal K


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