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2 Ways to increase your Intelligence

16th October 2023 | 10 Views

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You need not have to solve crosswords or puzzles, to increase your cognitive level because there are some food items that can naturally increase your intelligence. Always eat healthy food. You can consider foods rich in zinc, like cereals, nuts, and fish, early in your life. Now, at a later stage of life, you can take choline, an active nutrient found in foods that contain vitamin B. 

Consumption of these foods helps in the development of brain cells and promotes concentration, increased learning, and memory. The regular use of sources ofomega-3 such as nuts and fish, contribute to brain processes involved in the expansion of vocabulary and visual quality and development of intelligence. In addition, vitamin B1 deficiency in the body, found in beans, refined grains and milk significantly reduced cognitive processes also causing irritability, depression and memory loss. 

Follow the undermentioned recommendations to increase your cognitive level. You will have a healthy cognitive system full of vim, vigor and vitality.

1: A planned diet: Have a diet plan and eat food in small quantities. Eggs, ham, banana and apple are some of the options. Always keep in mind to eat foods that contain a lot of nutrients to balance the body functions.

2: The cooking method does not matter: Is it better to cook food or eat them raw? It depends on what food they consume. For example, vegetables, rich in minerals and vitamins, when subjected to cooking for a long time loses some of its nutritional properties. Therefore, you should be aware and know what foods can be cooked. A baked apple does not have the same benefits as in nature. 

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