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Learn the rules for determining the number of significant figures in a measured quantity. Significant figures give an indication of certainty of a measurement.

In science experiments, accuracy and precision are the two most important factors. Precision defines how close values are to each other. 

For instance, if you have to perform an experiment on weight measurement, you will collect the data from the equipment to have good accuracy and precision. Various types of weighing scales are used in chemistry according to the required precision and accuracy. These equipments are based on different precision and accuracy levels.

Some of them can measure the tenths, hundreds, thousands, and even ten-thousandths of a gram. As we know most of the participants have uncertainty. To get precision and accuracy using real data, a fixed method to remove the uncertainty was required and it led to significant figures. Visit to get the help of an efficient significant figures calculator.

Scientists prefer the digits for accuracy and precision which are known as significant figures. A significant digit is a measured quantity that helps in defining the accuracy and precision.

Read more to know the rules of counting significant digits.


The closeness of two or more quantities is known as precision. When it gets repeated it provides the same result.


This is the level of measurement in which you get the true value as the result.

Significant Figures Rules:

Let’s take a look at the following rules of significant figures:

● Non-zero digits are considered significant figures. For example, in 8875 cm there are four significant figures and in 0.234 there are three significant figures.

● Zeros that are available between the non-zero digits are significant. For example; 8.90005 has six significant figures.

● Zeros that are available before the first non-zero digit are not considered a significant figure. For instance, 0.009 has only one and the number 0.004567 has four significant figures.

● If the zeros are available at the right of the non-zero digit with decimals then they are significant.

● Zeros after a non-zero non-decimal number are not considered significant.

Significant Figures Examples:

● 6799 – 4 significant figures

● 80.09 – 4 significant figures

● 550,000 – 2 significant figures

● 2.00 – 3 significant figures

● 0.00500 – 3 significant figures

How To Calculate Significant Digits Online?

To do that, access a good significant figures calculator and follow the below-mentioned steps:

● Add a number and the value to round to significant figures in the specified field of the calculator.

● Press the calculate button and wait a couple of seconds until the completion of the calculation.

● Once the calculation is completed, you will get a new number with the desired significant number.

Final Words:

The number of figures in a value or ratio that contributes to the accuracy and precision of the measurement are known as significant figures. They are considered an important aspect of calculations. The best way to calculate them is with the significant figures calculator. It will provide you with an accurate result in a matter of seconds.

Marta L. MaxwellLast Seen: Oct 9, 2023 @ 11:54am 11OctUTC

Marta L. Maxwell


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